Do Forgive Our Dearest’s Absence

Do forgive our dearest’s absence, Dear Hearts; we have been keeping her occupied with many and varied happenings. Yes, indeed, Dear Hearts, we have.

Firstly, we shall remind all of the proposal we set some time past. That proposal was for our dearest to experience ‘enjoyment’ in all her comings and goings. And, we are pleased to report, this is precisely what has been happening.

Our dearest now wonders where she ever had the time for doing little. For, Dear Hearts, our dearest’s days are now so jammed packed as to not leave very much time for incidentals, so to speak.

We hasten to add that our dearest, because of much great activity in her days, keeps timely hours in bed sleeping and resting. To be sure; without sufficient rest and sleep there could not be enjoyment.

However, Dear Hearts, it is, as we’ve said, with much great pleasure that we report our dearest’s enjoyment filled days are plentiful.


Yes, this is true. Firstly, I’ve been learning the language of music; something I’ve wanted to do my entire life. Dancing fulfilled this yearning somewhat and has been a great pastime for me for the past almost two decades. However, with the pandemic, Keith’s knee problem and my lack of desire for dance recently this ‘joy’ became almost nonexistent.

A pleasing side note:  I’m so pleased to report that Keith’s knee surgery was a success. He has been advised, by the doc, to ‘take it easy’; the healing will take up to three months. However, he hopes to be back on the dance floor soon. And I will also be there, but with a more relaxed frame of mind that not only will enjoy the dancing, but also the magic to be felt listening to the beautiful music, which I’ve missed.

And this brings me, once again, to the language of music. I have now had three piano lessons and am learning the theory side with a joy I can’t really fathom; it truly feels so wonderful! To add to this pleasure; a most beautiful piano will be delivered July 8th. I am so excited at this prospect. My current keyboard, which I love, will have to take second place.

As The C.C. have said: The phase I am now in is as a human experiencing freedom from fear, and the joy that comes with this state of mind.


It is now our duty to advise regarding our Dear One, Keith.

He, as well as our dearest, is enjoying his days. Yes, Dear Hearts, our Dear One Keith, now free from the limitations of acting the part of the Light Worker of the Negative, now enjoys more fully his days. And, Dear Hearts, this will be the case for our Dear Heart as he continues to evidence the passing of that role.

Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


    1. Haha… Yes, it is good news. My man, especially, is so changed after the surgery and, once again, is talking comp! Haha… we’ll see! Strangely, though, I’m now open to whatever comes. What a great state of mind I’m in.
      Thank You for your wishes, Barbara. You are a great lady!

    1. Yes, Rebecca, it is all good news. I’m so looking forward to playing the new piano. I feel like a kiddy in a toy shop! Haha…

      Hugs and Kisses to You, Rebecca

        1. Funny you should say that…
          The piano is a hybrid. It is a ‘natural’ piano, however, it has a digital component that allows it to become a ‘silent’ piano. The hammers are released and the player hears through ear phones. This is so necessary, at the moment; my practice times should really only be heard by me.. haha!
          Wifi is also available. Rebecca, What will they think of next?

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