Question 16. How Do We Know When We Have Truly Obtained Freedom From Fear?

Our Dear One, Ren of Branching Out has offered this most important of questions. Ren has kindly allowed me to make mention of her.

Thank You so much, Ren. I know your question will help many.

Question 16: How do we know when we have truly obtained freedom from fear?

This becomes known to us when we are not affected by the negative. By this I mean:

Once we understand how The Fantasy works; that is, by reading and rereading, or listening again and again to the audios of our Free Books, little by little the values inherent within this particular fantasy begin to unfold.

It takes time and effort; the brain will at first, kick, spit, squabble and jerk. However, with perseverance the words begin to have their effect. In other words, the negatives begin to loosen their grip. With the acceptance that comes by reading and listening; slowly there comes a greater ability to ward off what might have otherwise affected you.

I can’t stress enough the importance of reading and/or listening. I also can’t express enough the importance of diligence. For, this is what it will take if you are to circumnavigate the innate negativity we bear.

Over time and with the desire to be free of fear uppermost in your thoughts, you will begin to be aware of your thoughts.

Normally, this is not the case. We go about our lives with little thought to the consequences of our thoughts. They roam about in our minds causing us angst and pain and sorrow and grief. However, when we become aware of our thoughts it is generally with some surprise that we realise how negative they are.

The answer then to the question becomes:

When we are truly cognizant of our thoughts, and they remain free of the negative values, then and only then can we know we have truly obtained freedom from fear.

© 2020 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. This was very interesting and helpful. Thank you for posting! Fear has become a part of our daily lives no doubt. As someone living with multiple anxiety disorders, I can attest to the message here. Do you agree that the opposite of fear is love?


    1. When we release fear, by becoming aware of it and desiring to be without it, there comes a calming, an energy that is more stable, so to speak. In this, and over time, more ‘space’ is left and more stability is created.

      This becomes a pattern; a pattern that garners more and more stability. With this stability comes the possibility of change; a change to a greater opportunity that freedom from fear creates.

      This we may call ‘love’. It is certainly a greater caring for ourselves and others. Over time this ‘caring’ grows and we feel compassion for our plight and that of others.

      Eventually, this becomes our habit. We ‘drop’ the habit of negative thinking; we see through different eyes, so to speak. Love or fearless thoughts have the opportunity (with perseverance) to become our norm. A short synopsis, you understand.

      Lovely to meet you

      1. Carolyn,

        Indeed, I do understand. Thank you for your beautiful words. I agree there is a lot of power behind negative thinking and self compassion, which ultimately allows us to give and receive more love.

        The ability to comfort myself has been invaluable while doing trauma work. Pleased to meet you, also.


      1. ” but we have to truly embrace this.”

        Yes, Dorothy, indeed ’tis true! It takes mindful work to remain in the positive values. And I see you doing this time after time. And why wouldn’t we? Fearless thinking is, indeed, its own reward.

        I am so pleased to know you, Dorothy. Your genuine feelings bounce from the page.

  2. Words to live by and have taken them as a quote for my quote library: “When we are truly cognizant of our thoughts, and they remain free of the negative values, then and only then can we know we have truly obtained freedom from fear.”

      1. Yes! Carolyn, this interaction has spurred other questions that were “tucked away” as you say and I will be sharing them soonly. Thanx again! Hugz

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