Jealousy Is Very Flattering

Our dearest has, of late, been the brunt of jealous behaviour. Although mostly subtle, the behaviour is now evident to our dearest and has taken up her thoughts almost in entirety for the past short while.

To ‘cut to the chase’, Dear Hearts, we would like to advise all who wish to appreciate the energy of jealousy, that this behaviour is quite flattering. Is it not?

Yes, indeed. If you are a victim of jealousy we suggest, Dear One, that you look at this behaviour in its true state; as follows.

To begin:

Jealousy is an energy. Like all energies it begins with a thought. The beginning thought of jealousy is a need to be, or to have something that you possess. This could be material wealth in the form of an object of admiration. Or it could be a physical possession; such as good looks, a healthy body, a healthy mind; smarts. Oh yes, Dear Ones, many are jealous of other’s possession of the ability to generate good thinking.

Indeed, jealousy; or the energy of jealousy needs little to get started, as it were. It needs only ill feeling toward something it considers valuable.

Therefore, Dear Ones, jealousy needs to be looked upon as flattery; yes indeed.

Many Blessings to All

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    1. Yes, Charlie, it is.
      I do believe I’ll be ‘viewing’ it in this way from this day forward.. 😉 😉
      I now even have a little phrase to use when jealousy is on the horizon –
      “This individual finds something about me ‘valuable’..”
      Viewing it this way takes the ‘sting’ out of its tail… hahah

  1. Interesting, and indeed a positive way to look on jealousy, but I do need to think on this more. I tend to believe that all emotions stem from either love or fear, and jealousy is definitely in the fear camp. It would be nice to think there is some love there too even if only in the form of backwards flattery!

    1. Most definitely, Dorothy, jealousy is a fear based energy. I am being prepared, Dorothy, for the time ahead.
      Our dearest will experience much jealousy in her future, Dear Heart; we are preparing her for this event. As the example of backwards aging there will be many who will rejoice to be a part of this happenstance. There will also be those who will reject, denounce, and be openly hostile toward her; this is part of the game we play.
      Our dearest’s attitudes are swiftly changing from naivety to a more rounded set of principles. We, her guidance, have shielded her from many of the more gross energies that some project and experience. However, now is the time for our dearest’s backwards aging to become more well known. To this end we are changing her attitudes; making her more capable of handling the imminent changes to come. Many Blessings, Dear One
      Yes, Dorothy, I agree. Mild jealousy, even though a fear based energy, is definitely a form of backwards flattery. However, I am beginning to understand what The C,C. are preparing me for. With this appreciation of what is to come I do believe I will handle all jealousy, both mild and severe, with the same ‘water off a duck’s back’ attitude. This is just another step in my path that I’ve known about for some years. It has been a little shocking, though, to be witnessing this now. It has always been there, to some degree or another; however, my eyes are now wide open. Ooops!
      Thank You for your wonderful contribution. You are definitely a woman I admire!

    1. Yes, Michael, I see, and agree with your point.
      However, my goal is to view all jealousy, mild to severe, in the same way. That is: Not to be affected by it.
      This has been coming to my attention, of late, as I continue to backwards age. Not many are privy to this in my personal life. However, it is becoming evident that it soon will do so!
      An exciting time ahead, no doubt.

  2. Charlee: “Hmm, so when they tell me I’m a ‘butterball’ because I was stealing Chaplin’s food for a while and gained about a pound, they’re just jealous of my good eating?”
    Chaplin: “What’s that about stealing my food?”
    Charlee: “Oh nothing.”

    1. Hahahah… Yes, Charlee, any way you put it, you are surely an object of great jealousy. A pound up or down cannot detract from your innate beauty; both physically and mentally!
      Enjoy the jealousy – it can be so much fun. Can it not? 😉 😉

    1. Yes, indeed, Christy; and for good reason! It can be a very distressing energy for the receiver, and also for he/she who created it. However, this post aims more toward the receiver and how to handle this negative energy.
      I have, throughout the years, learned to ‘enjoy’ the obvious jealousies of others with a whimsical wave, and an uplifting esteem building feeling. The C.C., however, have advised that there will be those whose jealousy range to the ‘openly hostile’; a situation I’ve encountered only rarely – one being very recent. Ouch! It was quite a shocking experience; one I now realise I needed to have in order to become aware of the openly hostile to come!
      The first step is always ‘mental’ preparation. With this firmly in place I now feel more ready to handle the inevitable.
      Watching your recent video, which I thoroughly enjoyed, no doubt there will be those who will be jealous/envious of your clear minded ability to produce such a well researched and polished offering. This is human nature and must be accepted as such. However, we must not be affected. We must ‘shine’ in whatever way we are inspired.
      Many Hugs

  3. being jealous to someone else’s ability to think positively seems such a contradictory notion. When you are jealous of someone due to his positive thinking, you actually want to have that ability too. And by being jealous, you are doing exactly the opposite!

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