Jealousy – The Green Eyed Monster!

Our dearest has had her first taste of jealousy, Dear Hearts, from a much younger woman.

Our Carolyn, our champion of the backwards aging stakes, is now experiencing that which many who follow her example will experience, namely, jealousy.

This has surprised our dearest and represents a turning point within her life. We shall explain:

As a much older woman, yet with the physical abilities of a much younger woman, our dearest finds herself almost bounding along as she goes about her day. That is, Dear Ones, our dearest is now, and will continue to emit the energies of a much younger woman. This is confounding many young woman with whom she interacts. They cannot decide if they need to feel competitive toward her, or not.

Previous to the backwards aging of the past few years our dearest always looked a little younger than her age. Added to this her humility and gentle offerings within her interactions, she was met with a like kind. However, of late our dearest has been changing her attitude from one of naivety to a more rounded, shall we say, attitude. Because of this those who met our dearest yesterday; today are experiencing a vastly different viewpoint. This viewpoint begins with jealousy; a jealousy they cannot fathom. After all; our dearest doesn’t appear facially as young as her persona. No, Dear Ones, the physical backwards aging, although thorough in its course, does not generate a facial backwards aging to the degree of the physical backwards aging, so to speak.

In short, Dear Ones, your character, in all its splendour, shows upon your face. This character has been developed over many years and does not lose its intensity of wisdom. Yet, our dearest is not thought to be seventy; no Dear Ones. Were this to be known universally it would shock. However, the persona shines through; and this is the source of confusion and jealousy.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. Yes indeed, Rebecca; our face holds the truth of our experiences.

      I am finding this ‘newness’ of experience a little baffling. On the one hand I am enjoying the youthfulness of energy quite exhilarating, and have become used to having a greater freedom of movement, similar to the energies I experienced as a much younger woman. I am also enjoying the changing attitudes that come with the more youthful physical energies.
      However, other people’s responses to these changes are, at times, quite baffling to me. I find myself in a vastly different world now; one that is taking a little time to understand.
      For instance: As I ‘got older’ I became more and more ‘invisible’ to many. This invisibility allowed me to walk through life, as it were, anonymously. There was a certain amount of ‘freedom’, of a kind, within this. Today I do not have that cloak of invisibility. Today I am noticed. The energies, of which The C.C, spoke within the post, I am emitting ‘unconsciously’; I do not have any command over them; they are an integral part of who I have, and am, becoming. All of this, and more, is taking time to re-evaluate into my life. To say it is not only confusing others, it is also somewhat confusing for me.
      There has been, more recently, swift changes to my persona, physical abilities and desires; such as the overwhelming joy I now feel being able to ‘bound along’. As I mentioned; I am enjoying this newness, however, it does, and has changed all things. I am experiencing exciting, yet puzzling times!

      1. Transitions allow us to explore and discover new ways of viewing the world and our connection to others and to our timeline. Thank you for the depth and breadth of this discussion. Many hugs!

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