Love & Perfection – Living Without Fear – An Update!

While we are here at the keyboard, dearest, shall we bring our readers up to date?

Yes; though, there isn’t much to tell at the moment.

Aha, dearest, this is not quite true. Is it not?

Well, I have been thoroughly loving living without fear. Is this what you are referring to?

Yes indeed, dearest; this is precisely what we are referring to.

I must say this experience, of living free from fear, has sometimes left me feeling quite overwhelmed; in the nicest possible way, so to speak.

Can you explain, dearest?

The freedom from fear I now feel has been a gradual happening over the past number of years. However, just recently it was as if the switch was flicked and I no longer experience fear, or a negative state of mind, at any time. This has left me free to experience life in a manner free of limitation.

Are you saying, dearest, that fear held you captive?

Yes I am. As I’ve said, over the past number of years fear has been loosening its hold upon me more and more. However, now that it has gone I cannot conjure up fear; not that I want to, of course. However, it just isn’t a part of me anymore; and this leaves me free to experience a freedom that is surprising me still.

Indeed, dearest, we know that this is true for you. And dance, dearest; are you enjoying the dance?

Yes I am enjoying dance. We shall be off to our second lesson this afternoon.

Can you tell us more, dearest?

Yes I can. At our first lesson, last week, our teacher gave us most of the routine for the waltz. Since then we’ve been practicing together and individually; as is the norm. It is a lovely routine; one that has some known figures within it, and one in particular that challenges us; both in its timing and execution.

And this you enjoy, dearest?

Oh yes, absolutely. I am hoping for challenges. I have always loved to extend myself. I much prefer to test myself; striving always for improvement; not perfection, but, definitely extension.

We know this is also true for you, dearest. Would you recommend this to others?

Striving for improvement?


I’m struggling with this. I don’t believe I can answer this with true belief, so to speak. You see I don’t have an investment in what others do, or do not do. I can only say that this is entirely up to each individual.

In other words, dearest, are you saying that you mind your own business?

Yes I do believe so. I don’t want to sound uncaring, because this is certainly not the case. However, I am busily living and enjoying my own life. With this in mind it leaves little room for preoccupation and hypothesising about others. I do wish everyone well. However, this is purely the concern of each individual; and, as you say, not my business.

And this is a different attitude from years past, dearest?

As the years have past, and I have mastered myself, I have changed from someone who lived entirely for others; my every thought being upon and for others. As I have removed fear from my life, and experienced the joy of this, my focus has incrementally centred more and more upon living my own life. At the same time as this has been happening I have found others enjoying my company and wanting my company more and more. The ability I now have to socialise has grown exponentially and I almost thrill at the thought of sharing time in the company of others. I have transitioned, as it were, from someone who facilitated time in company, to someone now who delights in company. Not, as it once was, of being a teacher/facilitator/enabler, but one who shares joy in its natural form when fear is no longer present.

You are changed, dearest?

I can only nod in agreement. Yes, I am thoroughly and most genuinely changed.

Many blessings, dearest, many blessings.

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Such a positive post, Carolyn. To learn to live without fear and embrace improving and extending yourself is what makes life so incredibly interesting, because it’s a process of lifelong learning. I’m a big fan of learning and development of ourselves, better ourselves in line with what’s important to us. That your “focus has incrementally centred more and more upon living my own life” is brilliant; that’s something I need to work more towards as I’ve been instead increasingly feeling that my life isn’t my own. Loved this post, your writing is very inspiring to read! Enjoy the Waltzing 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. And I, Caz, love your comments; they are full of the refreshing air that speaks of you.

      As I continue to say: You are indeed a marvel; one I admire and enjoy to call a ‘mate’.

      Lots of Love & Many Blessings

  2. Getting there, to a life without fear!
    As you said, little by little, shedding fear and embracing my life for me.

    1. Yes, that has been a most fascinating aspect of this journey. Once I was here for everyone else. Now I am here for me yet, at the same time, am absolutely loving the difference this attitude/outlook has brought to my social life. I am still a little in awe of it!

      Love you – Many Blessings

    1. Hahah… Charlie, I was the most antisocial of all antisocials; I truly found socialising something I recoiled from always as a young girl and woman. I even had a decade of experiencing agoraphobia and found being in company almost impossible. Having an introverted personality didn’t make life easy… Ugg… it was all too hard, for sure.
      Then in the late 80s came The Collective Consciousness and life began to change for the better with the advise they began to offer. Mind you, Charlie, the change has been very slow. I can say, though, it sure has been worth every little bit of effort I’ve put in (to me).
      Great to hear from you… 🙂 I love seeing your delightful image!!! 🙂

      1. That must have been horrible, I was lucky it was nothing like that, I just find it difficult tolerating complete dribble, I’m better at it now, although the princess says she hears sarcasm at times ☺️

        1. I didn’t think I’d ever enjoy ‘small talk’, and yet here I am becoming a master of engaging people in this socially acceptable form of communication! Hahah – I surprise myself – I am so chilled these days I actually get quite a kick out of this once abhorred pastime! Mind you, Charlie, I do mingle with some pretty wonderful folk..

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