The Truth of Backwards Aging

Until we find what it is we are searching for we will continue to look. In looking we find. And what it is we are looking for? Generally, we are looking for the key that unlocks the door once closed.

Once found, we can then stop looking; perhaps change course, or stay a while behind the once closed door.

The third option is no longer available. The door, once closed, has another and another door within. This, in general, is the root and growth leading to further understanding and knowledge.

Our dearest knows not of what we speak. She has agreed to be our scribe, once again. But only when this is an agreement based upon equality; to be sure.

We have given our dearest ‘time out’ of late. Hers is a task that takes much energy to fulfill; she was in need of rest and restoration.

And now, Dear Hearts, our dearest is fully restored with great energy abounding. However, like all good rests, there comes the need for more. Yes, Dear Ones, our dearest shall rest more than ever before.

We advised our dearest of the work to come. It will become quite demanding for our dearest in the time ahead. We expect her to reach the age 27 by Christmas 2019. Already there has been great work upon this to date. Our dearest, and her daughter, Veronica, have reached milestones in their journey of backwards aging with many now commenting upon their changing appearances. It is, to a major extent, a fait accompli.

During the period between today and tomorrow of Christmas 2019, our dearest, and Veronica, will steadily and slowly journey backwards in time, so called. There will come the day when they will no longer be able to cordially respond to those who compliment. No, Dear Hearts, a simple Thank You will prove to be insufficient; others will want to have a better understanding of the changes quite visible.

This will mark the beginning of the next grand chapter in the book of backwards aging. We foresee this happening well before Christmas 2019; this is as arranged, you understand. Yes, Dear Ones, this will be the beginning of an upturn in curiosity for many; heralding a new beginning as they take to heart the truth of backwards aging.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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      1. Well, the short answer is no, I haven’t, although you will find accounts of unusual spirit and interspecies interactions, as well as quite the number of original works around ascension and post ascension visions all over “Timeless Classics.”

        But there have been a whole handful of periods in which gray hairs turned black again, wrinkles, disappeared, long standing health challenges began testing as though they never had been.

        It’s not like at 58 I look like a teenager. But I’d say that two months ago I looked at least ten years older than I do now, and that five years ago I battled four major health challenges which are no longer with me.

        The other day I encountered my first look of astonishment after being asked my age for this round of rejuvination. Each time I think I might be done for as an independent and viable woman, it happens again.

        I know it’s spirit connected but that’s all I know about it, except that, in this harsh, rootless and youth obsessed culture, I’m very, very grateful when it happens.

        What’s it like for you?

        1. A quick synopsis: For me it has been a gradual progression aging backwards. And yes, I agree with you; it is quite a wonderful experience.

          My work is based upon ‘the ridding of fear’; removing all known carcinogens from the diet (such as sugar for example) as well as taking care of the physical body with exercise, etc.

          Due to the work involved, which has been an agreement I have made in spirit, so to speak, my contribution will continue for the duration of my life. I am the example of that which will become the norm for Light Workers.

          It is quite exciting and I’m thoroughly enjoying my role. Backwards aging is one of the many rewards of doing this work upon myself; as it will become for all who so choose.

          You may care to read our free books which will give more insight into this and our lives as spirit.

    1. Yes, Helen, it is quite exciting and, at the same time it has become, in a sense, the norm for Veronica and I.
      More and more individuals are making remarks about our more youthful appearances. As The C.C. have said; I know there will come a time when we will have to explain the changes more fully. Only last Friday, Veronica (who is currently on some long service leave) was waiting for me in one of our regular cafe meeting spots. A woman seated over from V overheard the waitress ask if I would be joining her. She (the seated woman) then struck up a conversation until I arrived. Upon seeing me she exclaimed she had been expecting a much older woman (a “Grandma”). She remarked I couldn’t possibly be Veronica’s mum. Thankfully, she had finished her breakfast and left. This type of thing is happening with regularity these days. We have stopped telling people we are mother and daughter; it is just too awkward. 🙂

  1. Does this mean Carolyn will be writing a new book, or more to the point a new chapter on Backwards Aging?
    Also, I seem to have had a moment of backwards aging, when I modeled an Art Gown just over a year ago. I seemed to have reverted to forward aging. There have been a few disappointments and sadness at a friend’s recent passing. Are disappointment and sadness masks for fear?

    1. Hahaaa…. Yes, Resa. The C.C. advised over a year ago I would be writing another book; it will be in regard to the challenges of backwards aging. Naturally, I couldn’t, at the time, conceive what the content may hold. However, as time and experience move on, I’m finding plenty of material in my everyday experiences; ranging from my own reactions and challenges to those of others viewing; who are also an integral part of this phenomenon. 🙂

      I remember your gorgeous Art Gown; very well in fact. Resa’s Honorary Art Gown – Tenesa
      she, and you grace my blog. A ‘forever’ moment in time!

      Yes indeed, Resa. Sadness, disappointment, any negative, as The C.C. have advised, stems from fear.

      “It will be those sufferings such as the inherent greed, dishonesty, distrust, etc., and the emotional states of grief, sadness, longings for wealth, etc., that will play their part in the overall perfection stakes. The Light Workers who overcome the negatives inherent within will be those thrusting forward and succeeding to become ‘all that they can be’. Yes, Dear Heart; be not afraid of the negatives, but think of them as friends who will assist you in your goal of perfecting yourself.”

      I find this excerpt very comforting. It asks us to accept the inherent negatives. In this way we no longer ‘fight’ them. Better to accept and, at the same time, ask for help to remove them. Being gentle with ourselves is the far better road to travel. In time we come to a place where we see all things, but without the negatives associated with fear.

      I have a dear friend, a wonderful energetic and lively man who is currently suffering cancer and is not expected to live very long. I will miss his cheery, delightful energy. However, I appreciate all must depart this stage/this role we are playing.

      There is now an objectivity that allows me to view all, but not to be negatively affected. This I have achieved by asking for help from my soul whenever a negative/fear appears.

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