Q11. At What Pace Will An Individual Age Backwards?

We have received a question from one known to us:


Listen while you read: 

At what pace will an individual age backwards? Does stress impair the progress of backwards aging, or if the intention to perfect one’s self is in the forefront of all activities does one cancel the other out?

To answer your question, Dear Heart, we shall use our dearest as the example. Over the past year our dearest has backwards aged by some ten years. That is to say she is now in her 40s. This is correct, Dear One. Our dearest was already backwards aged by a decade previous to this past year. Mathematics suggests, Dear Heart, our dearest has managed to backwards age quite considerably. This is because, Dear Heart, she had been working upon herself for a number of years, as you well know.

Does this mean that others will backwards age at the same rate?

Presuming the intention is clear, and presuming the intention remains constant, then yes, Dear One, the backwards aging will continue at this rate.

Our dearest is surprised by our words! This means, by her reckoning, she will have reached the desired result of 27 within the next two years, approximately.

Indeed this is true, dearest. Are you not feeling younger with every day? Are you not evidencing a more youthful gait, appearance, mentality, etc., etc? Indeed you are, dearest, and this will continue to be the case over the coming two years.

Our dearest reports her partner of the Negative, Keith, is backwards aging. Indeed, this is true, dearest. We have instigated the process recently. He is looking quite carefully at his reflection; noticing the small changes appearing. However, like all partners of the Negative, he will deny the changes until it becomes obvious. This will require your humour and your wit, dearest, to nullify his protestations. Much joy ahead, dearest!

To return to your question, Dear Heart:

There is a contradiction within your question; namely:  Does stress impair the progress of backwards aging, or if the intention to perfect one’s self is in the forefront of all activities does one cancel the other out?

Stress, or fear, does impede the progress, Dear Heart. We ask that you take the word stress and replace it with the word ‘fear’. For what is stress, but, fear. Anything that is not a positive is a negative. Negativity creates aging. It is that simple, Dear One. Backwards aging is affected by fear; either preventing it, or impeding it; to be sure.

Many Blessings, Dear One

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    1. Mihaela, it’s so lovely to see your face upon my page!
      Thank You so much for your wonderful comment; I really do appreciate your good will and well wishes. 🙂
      I’m sending all good vibes to you; I know you will use them with the best of intentions. And, I’m looking forward to hearing about your backwards aging, which is to happen quite soon.
      Indeed, Dear Heart, we await the news of your backwards aging in the not too distant future.
      Many Blessings await, Dear Heart

      1. Dear Carolyn, It’s always such a pure joy to read your messages! Thank you for the good vibes you’re sending me. There were many moments when I just felt good for no particular reason and now I know why. You know, my dearest Carolyn, for me age is just a number (and a number I tend to forget) and I refuse to be defined by a number, but I surely can use more energy and vital force to finish my heartfelt projects. Thank you my dear friend for your support and for the good news! Have a wonderful day sparkling with joy and youthfulness!

    1. You can literally see it on faces, Charlie! And the opposite is true, too.
      I can remember a yoga teacher, many years past, who was in her 80s. She meditated and practised yoga daily. Her face was angelic; her skin just beautiful. She was calm and wonderful to be with…. There were problems in her life, just like everyone’s; but, she had learned not to be affected by them. She was a great example, to me, of what was possible. 🙂
      And this we say to you, Dear One. Carolyn experiences, and will continue to experience ‘challenges’ in her life. However, the trick is to learn not to be affected adversely.
      We offer ourselves to you, Dear Heart. Ask for our help and it will be given. A guarantee.

    1. Thank You so much, Helen; your presence, your friendship, you, make my little heart sing whenever we connect. I’m honoured to know you. ❤
      Indeed, Dear One; our dearest speaks truth. And we, Dear Heart, applaud your strength, bravery, endurance and forthrightness in the face of the many challenges befronting you.
      The sun will shine again, Dear One; more strongly than you can appreciate.
      Many Blessings await

  1. Fear is a silent assailant. I’m sure it masquerades behind more ideas than stress.
    Nonetheless, I need to pull up my fear socks, and get on!

    1. A silent assailant, indeed Dear One. However, as our dearest has written to a Dear Heart above (Charlie) the opposite is also true! And this, Dear One, shall indeed be yours.
      Much Love to you, Dear One

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