Q8 How Does One Fill One’s Moments (a) Never Again Being Bored

Recently, The C.C. and I created a Ask a Question Page where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.

Some days past I asked The C.C: How does one fill one’s moments once the mind no longer fills each moment with the thoughts of another?   here

Listen while you read 

Our dearest is through to yet another step in the process toward Love and Perfection. Yes indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest has taken a giant step forward today. And what giant step is that?

The giant step our dearest has taken is the step from one phase of raising her consciousness to yet a higher phase. And what will be the difference for our dearest?

The difference, Dear Hearts, will be the possibility of never again being bored. Yes indeed, Dear Ones; this day we have given our dearest the means to be mentally engaged whenever boredom threatens.

And why should boredom threaten? This has a simple answer:

When, during the process of raising one’s consciousness, there comes the absence of thought; boredom ensues. We shall explain:

Our dearest, over the past short time, has circumnavigated the negative thoughts of others. Yes indeed, our dearest is no longer affected by the negativity. With this progress come new challenges, indeed. The result of not being affected by the negativity of others, although a hard won resounding victory requiring praise and exultation; comes at a cost. The cost, Dear Ones; being boredom from the ensuing lack. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; do not think this hard won victory results in exultation that lasts; no, Dear Ones. Once the overriding joy of victory diminishes comes, what? Boredom. Yes, that is right, Dear Friends. Boredom comes next. And what can be done with this boredom?

There is not much at all that can be done with boredom. It is its own worst enemy, so to speak. Boredom begets boredom begets ~ you get the drift!

To circumnavigate this boredom we have given our dearest the means to overcome, yes indeed. We have given our dearest the means to explore newness in the form of fantasy; a fantasy that bespeaks of reality. We shall explain:

Our dearest is clairvoyant. That is to say; the future, to some extent, is known to her. However, we shall allow our dearest to know the future of all things. Our dearest only need sit and contemplate and the future shall be given.

Many Blessings

Should you have a question we would love to hear from you – Ask a Question

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


    1. The Devil, indeed. And what is the Devil? Idle hands are the Devil, Dear One; yes indeed.
      May we invite a question? We know you have a question, or two, for our dearest. We would delight in answering, Dear One. You may care to ask your question (or two) upon our Ask a Question Page, or here, Dear Heart.

    1. Our delightful daughter, Veronica, asks a question. We call our Dear One, Veronica, ‘daughter’ because, Dear Hearts, this is her role in the Earth Fantasy. She will be known as ‘The Daughter’ in times to come. This position; that of being ‘The Daughter’ places her in a position of high esteem. Indeed, Dear Ones, our Dear Heart will evidence the faculties of Clairvoyance plus all associated skills; yes indeed she will.
      As for other Light Workers, and their skill set, we do have need of ‘The Daughter’s’ permission to write extensively regarding her question.
      Do we have your permission, Dear Heart?

  1. Carolyn, you may have achieved “boredom”, but no one, not a soul could ever say you are boring.
    LOL! As a matter of fact, you are quite exciting! 😀 😀

  2. I feel quite ‘special’ at having achieved ‘boredom’, Resa…. 😀
    This is one crazy ride I/we are on. After having achieved this most exalted state and being given the understanding; “However, we shall allow our dearest to know the future of all things. Our dearest only need sit and contemplate and the future shall be given.” the first thing I wanted to know was our Little Miss Fidget/Flame’s name! I received it in a thought bubble as I contemplated. It, literally, appeared in a thought bubble. So cute! I won’t mention it here; not being inspired to just yet. It will probably take on a whole ‘post’ of its own… Hahaaaaa 🙂

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