It’s the Little Things


Listen while you read  

“It’s the little things,” our dearest says.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones, it is the little things of life that hold the greatest challenge. And what is meant by this?

What is meant, Dear Hearts, is:

As you go through your day acquiring greater knowledge ~ Oh yes, Dear Hearts; this is what living is all about. You think not? You think that life is not for learning and gaining greater command over yourself? Yes, indeed, Dear Hearts:

Life is for living. If you are living, you are learning. If you are ‘alive’ and not learning; well, Dear One; what can we offer you? That is right, Dear One; we can not offer you very much at all. For this is life, Dear Heart: Constant learning.


Back to the beginning, Dear One. We have now established that life is for living; life is for learning. If we are not learning; we are ‘dead’. And what is ‘dead’? You, Dear Heart; if you are not learning.

It is not book learning we speak of. No, Dear Ones; there is learning that far overrides the knowledge that can be found within books. No, Dear Hearts; it is the raising of your consciousness by gaining command over those things that once baffled you. We shall give some examples:

  1. Command over yourself.
  2. Command over yourself.
  3. Command ~ indeed, Dear Ones; you get the drift.

And this is what is on offer for those who choose to be conscious throughout their day.

Our dearest advises this is somewhat tiresome, at times, and demands a lot of energy on her part. However, the results are spectacular; to use her word!

Yes, Dear Ones; to be conscious of your self is what we are speaking about. Not being conscious of another; no, Dear Ones. This, being conscious of another, demands all your strength, and drains you of the precious energy given for you to enjoy life. When this energy is used, in the mental sense of having another upon your mind, so to speak; you, Dear One, are drained, indeed.

Our dearest, via our advice, has many moments; indeed, hours of being at one within herself. She no longer is drained by having another upon her mind.

And you, Dear Heart? Do you go through your day with another upon your mind? Only you can answer this question. Only you can alleviate this condition. Only you have the power to circumnavigate this erroneous condition. Only you are depleted by allowing another to have such sway upon your thoughts. Only you will benefit to the highest degree when you, willingly, allow such incontrovertible and demanding energies to leave.

We wish you well in your endeavours.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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