All About Hormones


All about Hormones (Listen while you read)

Yes, dearest, you have a question to ask?

Yes, I do. It concerns hormones.

I’ve been backwards aging now for almost a year. Within that time I’ve noticed many changes, namely; firmer skin, less wrinkles, etc. However, the past little while I’ve been experiencing hot flushes, not unlike those I had when going through menopause some 17 to 18 years past. Running parallel to this has been a sense of returning youth in my expression both physical and mental. I would like to have some clarification upon this, please.

Indeed, yes, dearest, we see a more youthful expression upon your complexion as well as your mental state. Yes?

Yes indeed.

Why would this be difficult to believe, dearest? The advent of youth and the hormonal structure of the body must coincide. Must they not, dearest?

Put that succinctly, yes, I must agree they must. Though, I am having some difficulty, mentally, catching up to this understanding.

You are having difficulty, dearest?

Yes I am, a little. Though, reasoning tells me this must be the case for youth and youthful expression to become the norm there must be the corresponding hormonal changes to accommodate this!

Indeed ’tis true, dearest. You and others who will be entering the more youthful domain must have the corresponding hormones to accommodate. Yes?

Yes…. So then, the hot flushes I am experiencing are what? The return of certain hormones?

You have it in a nutshell, dearest. As you backwards age so too must all structures backwards age. This is becoming more and more evident to you. Is it not?

Yes, it is. I have so much more youthful energy. Just of late, the past week or so, whenever I see myself in a mirror I am witnessing that youthful evidence more and more.

Indeed, dearest, we see your reflection becoming more and more a delight. Yes?

Yes it is. Thank You.


© The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page 2017

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    1. Thank You, Anita.
      I know I had lost the youthfulness certain hormones maintain. I’d certainly lost my ‘sexy’, if you know what I mean and am happy to be feeling a return of energies long gone! 🙂

  1. Still don’t like the hormones, Carolyn…MOL 😀
    Granny says she experienced the return of the hormones in everything and first she became very gloomy about the thought that they took over her life… again, but then she recognized that she pulled through in no time and get on with her life as nothing really happened. Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

    1. Well done to Granny; I’m so pleased those hormones didn’t take over her life! How could she look after you, Binky, and Grandpaw if she became a prisoner of those hormones?
      Phew; I know you would look after Granny whatever happened… cause you lub her lots and lots… like me! ❤

  2. I am, Trisha… More energy, more love, more, more and more…
    I’m not greedy! No I’m not! 😉 😉
    But, it sure is great to be feeling more alive! 🙂

  3. Let’s up the energy! Good to know more about what you speak of, Carolyn, and to know you are helping many to get on a healthier track xx Hugs

    1. Oh, I can wholeheartedly agree to that, dear Christy! Let’s certainly up the energy.. 🙂
      Yes, there are many changes occurring; I’ll certainly keep updating as they happen.. 🙂
      One thing that is becoming very evident of late is my desire to dress younger, more modern, so to speak. I’ve even bought a pair of Doc Martin style boots. Something I never, ever thought I’d do. And, I’m wearing jeans! I’ve not been a jeans girl before!! In fact, Christy, I’ll tell you a little secret that I’ll be making public soon: The C.C. have advised that this will be the case as we backwards age: We will find ourselves doing/enjoying ‘almost’ the reverse of what we did/enjoyed on the way up!
      Interesting indeed; and definitely happening to this little possum! 🙂

    1. Helen, I’m feeling so different! It’s hard to articulate; but, I want to do things I haven’t had the desire nor the energy to do for many years!
      One thing that is so obvious to me today: For the past number of years I’ve not been enthralled by the new technologies, basically because I didn’t think I would personally be able to benefit or enjoy them. Today is a different day. I’m now looking forward to enjoying the advancements in a very personal manner, which is keeping me interested in life and living ~ as I felt as a younger woman… It is a great feeling! 🙂

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