Blue Jay Reflection

Blue Jay Reflection (Listen while you read)


Ok, wise guy; who put the bi-carb in the water?


The Blue Jay personality is a trickster.

Yes indeed; a trickster who loves to play pranks on unsuspecting victims.

Oh yes, we have your measure; you Blue Jay lovers.

Oh yes, we know how much fun you have at other’s expense. Oh, yes we do.

We are not saying you are a ‘devil may care’ type of fellow. No, that is not what we are saying.

We are not saying you enjoy seeing others embarrassed. No, that is not what we are saying.

What we are saying, dear friend, is that you encourage good hearted repartee with those who are not as quick thinking as yourself. Yes, this is what we are saying.

You revel in the energy you find in-between the serious and the frivolous. Oh yes, dear friend. You find a placement in which to squeeze your temperament.

And where is that?

You know where it is, dear friend. It is in the hollow between bored and boring. Is it not?

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk 


    1. Thank You, Maverick… 🙂
      Yes, I’ve been advised they are ‘ornery’, as you say, by a Canadian blogger friend,
      Hahaaaa… We don’t have them in Australia; more the pity. They do look such harmless little things, but with a big personality… Hopefully, one day, I’ll get to see them for myself… xoxoxo

    1. I’m learning they are quite noisy, Helen, which doesn’t create affection from those within close proximity! We have a similar problem with our ‘Cockatoos’ (Parrot Family). They can be extremely noisy with big personalities. They maintain their bills, in the wild, by chewing on wood. However, because of habitat destruction, their ‘wood’ can become house fencing, satellite dishes; you name it, they will chew on it. 😀

    1. Hahaaaaa, Binky… If Granny says it’s OK, then sure you can have one! But, something tells me that Granny would prefer you not to have one; especially because they are so very beautiful…
      However, I can give you lots of hugs and kisses for a wonderful weekend… ❤

  1. What a gorgeous bird! We love Blue Jays in Toronto! …. and we love our Toronto Blue Jays. Hey look at me! I just made a joke of sorts. Just trying not to be bored or boring. 😉
    We are getting a national bird for Canada. If all goes well, it will be the Grey Jay! ⭐ xoxo

    1. You had me scurrying to Google, Resa… So the Toronto Blue Jays are a baseball team; and the Grey Jay is an adorable ‘Grey Jay’…
      Hahaaaa (to live is to learn)… Now who’s bored?
      Not me! 🙂

      1. Lol! You do bring out the cheeky in me sometimes! xoxoxo
        However, I have a haunting baby Blue Jay memory.
        I heard screaming from outside. I found a baby Blue Jay crying for its mom. I could hear the mom cry back. It seemed it couldn’t fly, yet, and probably fell to earth trying. I wanted to take it inside, feed it, love it, kiss it and knit little hats and scarves for it. In the end, I left the poor thing crying. I believe I did right. I’ll never know what happened, but I can still hear it.
        Hmm, seems you can bring out a lot more than the the cheeky in me! ❤

        1. Sad, yet I agree; you did the right thing! This little soul’s experience was as it was meant to be. This isn’t always an easy concept to appreciate!
          A few weeks past, a Spotted Dove couple made a nest in one of our backyard trees. We watched with great interest as the two baby birds began to grow. One morning we found an uneaten wing plus some feathers on the ground. Someone, probably one of the many raptors in our area, had a breakfast of tender chicks.
          We were saddened; we were looking forward to watching them, and hopefully, having them enjoy our yard, as many now do.
          With the teachings I’ve been receiving of late (well, over the past few years) I can now accept that all are having the experience they signed up for; including our little (and gorgeous) birds. It has taken a longgggg time, but, I can honestly say I now know that every living thing is having the precise experience it is meant to have.
          I’m so glad I bring out more than the cheeky in you, Resa. After all, there is so much more! ❤

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