Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen  (Listen while you read) 

Carolyn in Copenhagen. Cold and wonderful. I will return someday.
Carolyn in Copenhagen. Cold and wonderful. I will return someday.

What can I say about Copenhagen? Where to start? Such memories exploding within my mind; memories I shall enjoy forever, to be sure.

It’s a longggg way to almost anywhere from Australia. Twenty three hours in the air and we arrived at Heathrow Airport.

Four days in London; what wonderful memories I have of London. However, for now, it’s all about Copenhagen.

We arrived January 1st 2016 to find ourselves surrounded by calm. Were I to summarise, ‘calm’ would be the word I’d use.

I loved the bikes, the canals, the restaurants and food, the people, the snow, the delights, the history, the museums, the Fisketorvet – Copenhagen Mall; the boat tour, the city tour, the cinema, plus, plus and plus.

Many Copenhagen natives ride bicycles. It was snowing, and they still rode bicycles! They rode their bicycles in lanes provided specifically for them; very wide, generous lanes either side of the road. We were delighted to see this.

Walkers are not forgotten either. Large walkways, either side of the bicycle lanes, provided ample space for pedestrians. So civilised, I thought often as I strolled the city; for, it was the city I enjoyed for 7 days and 7 wonderful nights.

Our hotel was within walking distance of the Fisketorvet, where we enjoyed a number of incredibly scrumptious and nutritious meals. And that reminds me… English was spoken everywhere. What a joy we felt everywhere. No stress, no strain; just peace, and appreciation for a country so welcoming to others.


It was early in December 2015,  The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) advised we would be going on the overseas trip they’d told me of during 2014. I wasn’t quite recovered; however, I put my trust in them (as usual) and Keith and I began to plan our trip. We left on December 27 2015; the day they’d given as the departure day.

They also advised I would not suffer the exhaustion of the past 2 years; I hoped this would be the case. It was. I enjoyed walking everywhere. My dancing days had come to an end during September of 2013. My legs weren’t strong anymore; I’d barely been able to use them for over 2 years. Yet, here I was enjoying health; vastly contradicting my recent ill health. I was so thankful; and continue to be.


The secrets of Copenhagen lie in its civility; I believe. Nowhere have I enjoyed such respect from the natives of another country. I can only assume their mentality is greater, incorporating a desire for peace and goodwill as the foundation for many; a long way from the terror and bloodthirstiness of old.

This, I now understand, is the mystery The C.C. spoke about; the change that is on offer for all; the change from the harsh realities of man’s past, to the adventure of becoming, as many in Copenhagen exhibit – respectful, peaceful and calm within, and without.

I shall always carry these precious memories.

© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World


    1. Highly recommend it LuAnn.
      At our hotel were visitors from all over Europe there for a day or two…
      Just a little jaunt for the weekend, so to speak… How I wish…. 😉 😉

    1. I’m sure you would both love it!
      We were quite surprised by the numbers of younger folk/tourists enjoying the shopping particularly.
      There was such an old world charm mixed with youth and vibrancy.
      Yes, I’m hoping that, one day, you will discover its abundancy of variety… 🙂

  1. My legs were a disaster after an accident about 9 years ago. Walking was the secret that unlocked my leg strength again. I understand! Street art was the lure to walking. I walk 4 hours or more now, at art play or at work. I am so happy you had a wonderful time! Much love to you! xoxoxoxo 😀

    1. Walking is great for the legs, Resa, absolutely agree. So happy to know you understand, yet sad to know you had to experience that…
      Before we starting dancing ’bout 9 years ago, I used to walk everyday; sometimes morning and night, and loved it!
      Then dancing took over, and what a joy that was. It was very disappointing not to be able to dance at all or walk for 2 years.
      March, this year, saw us back to dance, dancing every other Sunday, then every Sunday. This last weekend we went to a Saturday night, as well as our Sunday dance, for the first time in almost 3 years… How wonderful that was… If I could both walk lots, and dance, I’d be in Shangri-La…! Slowly I’m building up strength… ❤

  2. “The secrets of Copenhagen lie in its civility; I believe.”
    This makes me wanderlust to visit Copanhagen, I adore civility.
    Thank you, dear Carolyn, what a delight to discover Copenhagen via your magical trip there.

    1. Yes, Deepak; joy is such an intense feeling, and leaves a lingering scent. 🙂
      It was certainly a wonderful end to a time of great limitation. And yet, we learn so much; or, at least, have the opportunity to learn, and conquer, at such times.
      Still, I’d rather be dancing! Hahaaaaaa… 🙂 🙂

  3. WOW! That sounds like the purrfect place, Carolyn…civility is so hard to find lately and the place looks beautiful. We had to take a look on Google and understood even more why you are fascinated of this place. Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen, now that song will stay in our head for the rest of the day 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful Day 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Purrfect indeed, my lovely friend… 🙂
      Yes, civility is such a simple thing, and yet hard to find, at times.
      Yes, Copenhagen holds a delicate place within my heart now… ❤
      Just like you, dear Granny and Binky… 🌷 🌷 🌷
      xoxoxo 🐾 🐾 🐾

  4. A beautiful post, Carolyn! I also like Copenhagen, such a ‘grounded’ city. I hope you will get an opportunity to go to Stockholm as well at some point…and I hope it’ll be in the summer. You would so much enjoy that city too.

    1. Yes, Helen, grounded is an excellent term! I loved the fact that the people didn’t become subservient, nor arrogant/unwelcoming to their visitors, but kept dignity and poise in their hospitality.
      I’d love to visit Stockholm, and believe I will… 🙂

    1. That was absolutely beautiful, Paul. I hadn’t heard of Scott Walker, sadly. Thank You for the introduction!
      His voice reminded me of Andy Williams ~ who died in 2012. The same haunting sound that holds the listener gently.

  5. Such precious memories indeed… Finding “oneself” in a different place is something simply mind-blowing… I do believe that we belong to many places at the same time. I have many times felt that kind of connection…. Wishing you happy holidays, dear Carolyn! 😉

    1. Yes indeed, Aquileana, I agree with you emphatically. Discovering and connecting within ourselves can take all types of twists and turns, people and places.
      I certainly left a little of myself in Copenhagen, and know one day I’ll return to expand that connection!
      Wonderful to see you here… 🙂
      And to you, too; enjoyment and happiness for the coming season…

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