Carnation Flower Reflection

Carnation Flower Reflection   (Listen while you read) 

The beautiful Carnation Flower.

A hop, step, and a jump; that’s all it takes, and there you are somewhere other than where you were.

Quite good; don’t you think? Yes, Dear Ones, quite good.

Do you think of a ‘time machine’ when reading the above? Yes? No?

Indeed, Dear Hearts, we were not thinking of a time machine when we spoke these words. No, Dear Ones, no indeed. We were thinking of a reality, Dear Hearts. Yes, a reality bespeaking of you. That’s right; a reality of thought, Dear Heart.

It doesn’t take any imagination to jump in a time machine. No, indeed, it does not. However, it does require an imagination to jump from one reality of thought to another, indeed.

Does this make sense, dear one; to use the imagination to jump from reality to reality? (She who types does not believe we are making sense, indeed, Dear Heart. Is this not so?)

I ‘am’ having difficulty keeping up with you. So yes, it’s not quite making sense to me.

However, dear one, be that as it may we shall continue with our story. Yes?

Yes, please do.

Yes, Dear Heart, we will continue…. Now we have lost our train of thought, so to speak. Oh yes, there it is!

To continue, Dear Hearts:

Thought requires imagination. Does it not? Indeed we hear you say; yes. Good, Dear Ones, we agree. To jump from one thought to another requires imagination. Yes, Dear Hearts, we agree. The Little One is, once again, lost. Are you not, Dear Heart?

Yes, you could say I’m a little lost. But please proceed:

Right, yes, Dear Heart, we will proceed.

Are you not now jumping from one thought to another, Dear Heart?

Yes, I am. However, this is happening because I’m typing, as well as trying to keep up with the train of thought you are putting forward.

And this is a difficulty for you, Dear Heart?

You might say that; yes.

We shall stop confusing you then, Dear Heart, and explain:

Thought requires imagination. Thought without imagination is no thing; it is a non thought. Can you have a non thought, Dear Heart? No, dear one, this is an impossibility. So what is it we are saying?

Thought, or imagination, is a reality. Indeed it is, Dear Heart. Are you now understanding, Dear Heart?

Yes, I believe I am. You are suggesting that thought is a reality.

Indeed, Dear Heart. For those who do not understand, we say:

You, your consciousness, is a reality. Indeed, you, Dear Heart, are a reality. A conscious reality. A reality made of thought.

You, in reality, do not have a body, Dear Heart, no. In reality, dear one, you are a consciousness; an ever living consciousness. Is this not so, Dear Heart? (We speak with our dear one, Carolyn.)

Yes, I believe this to be true. I am a consciousness. I am thought.

And how do you know this, Dear Heart?

I am that part of me that thinks. That part of me ‘within’ that I know to be real. I am that I am.

Indeed, Dear Heart, you are that which is unseen. Yes?


© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. “I think therefore I am.” – Descartes – immediately stepped into my imagination. The 2 voices are an effective mode of explanation that I enjoyed reading and listening to.
    A non thought …. there’s grist for the mill. Great post. TY Carolyn! xoxoxo 🙂

    1. Yes, to Descartes – and your imagination.. 😉 😉
      Thank You, Resa; I was a little uncertain re the 2 voices. I believe there’ll be more to come!!!
      Grist for the mill, indeed. Happy grinding!?! At least, sometimes it ‘feels’ like that… 💕

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