Friday Fictioneers – Sands of Time

Friday Fictioneers:   Every Wednesday, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts a photo prompt. The rules include maintaining (as near as possible) a 100 word fictional piece pertaining to the image. For more information, and to share your writings, please use this link.


CastelsarrasinWordpresscom400Copyright SandraCrookIt reminded her of the sands of time.

She had long remembered the time; it could not be forgotten. It bit at her as a dog with a bone. It gnawed at her fingers; not giving way to healing.

Yes, it had been an eternity of dread; a fierce coercive erosion within her soul. And here it stood baring her way forward like a portal into the unknown.

She longed to touch it, pleasure it with her warmth; and yet its demeanour stood cold and unrelenting before her.

Who had said ‘time heals all wounds’?

Didn’t they know of her?

Carolyn Page

Image Copyright: Sandra Crook

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    1. Especially when we are young, middle aged and old.!
      Ironic, isn’t it?
      I’ve often thought about that saying; and add –
      Time heals all wounds – only if we agree to be free… 😉

  1. Good one Carolyn! I always like your fiction, and it has been quite some time since I got to read some. 😉
    I do know the saying “Time heals all wounds”, but as I have learned, the saying is not totally true. I like your little addition “only if we agree to be free” Now, that sounds pragmatic! xoxo

  2. This reminds me of the young man destined to be a great football player that gets injured before his pro debut and has to retire. Those wounds never heal, and often grow deeper with time.

    1. Sad, but true, Melony. The ‘if onlys’ can be our downfall; more than the event itself.
      Perhaps we need to listen to that song:
      Dust yourself off, pick yourself up and start all over again.. 😉

    1. I’m with you, Kim; although, I know ‘my’ wounds take/have taken more than time to heal. They need me to be proactive, to say the least. Mind you, I have a rather stubborn nature that has enjoyed (in a self destructive fashion) the ability to pour over self pity, what ifs, their fault, woe is me attitudes ad infinitum, and ad nauseum… Yuk… I also enjoy calm and peace; hence, I’m okay with doing a little ‘leg work’, so to speak. 😉

      1. You’ve read my poems you know I boohoo over my past. I am trying to let go of the pain. But it always sneak back into my present. Like you I’m stubborn but we both have to try so we can find happiness.

        1. A little boohooing is good, Kim, and very needed. We need to address the pain, absolutely. It’s when it causes our present to be regretful, and makes our future prospects less than optimum, we, I believe, need to take back our power and not allow ourselves to be deflated. We deserve better…!

  3. A very skilful description of times full of pain. But the way I understand it, she needs that pain to move forward, as hard as it is. Intriguing.

    1. Yes, I appreciate what you’ve said. Many deny, or refuse to ‘look at the issue’; the pain can be so excruciating for that individual. As you’ve alluded; without investigation the pain remains.
      It is when the investigation doesn’t move forward (as you’ve put it) that this can lead to a lifetime of being overpowered by something that may have been resolved; albeit a painful task for many (me included).
      Thank You for your candour; it is well appreciated…

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