Beaver Reflection

Beaver   (Listen while you read) 

What! Lots to do!

You say we’ve got lots to do!

Yeah, that’s life.  

Yeah, that’s to be expected.

 Did you think that life was to be easy?


No; life is for working hard in whatever manner is right for you.

It’s all about priorities; yep, that’s right; it’s all about priorities.

So, where are your priorities? That’s the question that the beaver is asking of you. Where are your priorities? Once you can answer this question all of your troubles will vanish my friend.

Where are your priorities? What is it that you want? Do you want to be forever second guessing yourself, or do you want to know what your priorities are?

Do you fear knowing what your priorities are? Are you concerned that once you appreciate what they are that you will not be able to fulfill them?

Yes my friend; life is one big priority after another. Once we fulfill one priority we will find another priority taking its place. That is right, my friend.

Do not be afraid to name your priorities. No, dear friend. This will allow you to practice tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance that indeed you have priorities; and acceptance of the fact that priorities are a normal condition of living.

Once you have accepted your priorities, named and fulfilled them, you will be satisfied, my friend. Without having achieved this personal goal you will remain inconsolable indeed.

© Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Robert Eastman/


    1. They aren’t native to Australia, either…
      As Trisha mentioned above; it would be wonderful to see them in their natural habitat; such industrious little guys… 😀

  1. The beaver attained official status as an emblem of Canada on March 24, 1975. I have watched them (Canada’s largest rodent) work, and they are indeed very focused on tasks at hand.
    They are absolutely adorable.
    It’s interesting what individuals working hard, and prioritizing can achieve for the community. Well, that’s another story!
    Currently, I am much in need of centering and prioritizing my energy, I take the reflection of this wonderful animal to head and heart to help my hard work be more fruititious.
    Thank you, Carolyn! xoxoxo

    1. An amazing little creature. I’ve seen them at work, though only on tele.! It would be wonderful to be able to watch them in real time; so industrious and ambitious; it’s only right they should attain such high admiration as Canada’s emblem.
      I am in a similar position to you, at this moment. Prioritising my energy output is very much on the agenda. This reflection was just what the doctor ordered for me too..

  2. Great words. I love how you show our similarities to animals. Busy as a beaver. He knows his priority is to make a dam. What are our priority is surely the question. Lovely writing.

    1. Thank You, Kim…
      Nothing can bring one into focus more than knowing where one’s priorities lie. I never feel more stable than when I have the inner knowing of where I’m heading and why.

      I love the simplicity of the beaver’s appreciation of his priorities – so focused and willing. We can sure learn a lot from this little creature.

      1. I saw a video of a badger yesterday or this morning. This lttle guy and his mate lived in a habitat. The caretaker couldn’t build a cage to keep the badger in. No matter what the caretaker did the badger figured a way out. It was so cute. He was determined not to be in prison.

    1. I imagine Canuck # 2 is a ‘hockey’ reference, Sherrie..? 😉
      You’ll have to excuse my ignorance.. 😉
      Yes, the little pic is too cute; as is the little critter himself…!

      1. Sorry about that lol…my aunt Resa was Canuck #1 making me Canuck #2 to reply.

        Canuck just means Canadian.

        And yes, we do have the Vancouver Canucks hockey team but I’m a Winnipeg Jets fan. GO JETS 😀

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