Music Passion @ allaboutlemon

Charlotte Church & Josh Groban sing

Dolly handed the reins to Leiulf for the month of April


Leiulf said, “Day – The word ‘day’ must be in the song.”


Josh Groban is my ‘birthday present’.

Not ‘literally’; no..  I haven’t anywhere to put him.. hahah  🙂

Yes, my gorgeous partner gave me tickets to his concert.

We’ll be there on Saturday night soaking up his wonderful talent…

I’m so excited; I feel like a kid going to my first concert.


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Music Passion…! 

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Enjoy…!!!   😀


        1. Absolutely; I’d wait for as long as necessary. He is such a sweetie. I’ve been watching some of his ‘live performances’ on youtube – I think I’m in for a real treat…! 😀

    1. Thank You, sweet Resa with the ‘two eyes’…. 😀

      I know, I know… I looked everywhere for a pocket ‘big enough’, but couldn’t find one anywhere… 😉 😉

    1. Thank You, Yaz…
      I’m really looking forward to seeing this young man; I’ve enjoyed his music since he first started… 🙂
      Here’s hoping the weekend is good for you, too…. 😉

  1. Happy birthday Carolyn and I must say that I am absolutely green with envy. Josh Groban is one of my all-time favorites as is this song since I first heard Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera sing it. Have a fabulous time! 🙂

    1. It was a wonderful concert, LuAnn; I’m still smiling…. 😉
      He is such a lovely young man. I don’t think he has quite ‘found himself’ yet; he is trying to straddle the divide between pop and light opera. Regardless though, he’s a marvelous talent; to be sure… 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard Charlotte Church sing before. Thank you for that. I’d heard about her, but never heard her.

    Love the animation in the middle of the page – how do you DO that?!!

    *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY ** 🙂

    1. She has a wonderful voice, Noeleen; I’d love to see her in concert.. 😉

      As for the little star animation: I found a website with free animation images, which I uploaded as a regular image, and voilà, instant animation…!

      Thank You; my birthday present was delightful… 🙂

    1. I had lots of fun, my dear Hook… We traveled to Melbourne, in the state of Victoria (a short plane journey). My darling man proceeded to spoil me with a wonderful weekend of great company, great food, a wonderful concert (Josh) and a little R&R away from all ‘electronics’ (including a phone)… I feel so refreshed, and more than a little blessed…! 😉

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