Art Game – Week 55 – Flowers and Spring

Flowers and Spring and Me!
Flowers and Spring and Me!

Come join the ‘Spring Fun’

Can you see me…!?!

Don’t tell anyone I’m here; I’m supposed to be

Makin’ Hay


‘Reading Time’


To join the fun click on Dolly’s link above, or the Art Game Logo below to see all the instructions for Flowers and Spring…!

Dolly's Art Game - Flowers and Spring
Dolly’s Art Game – Flowers and Spring

Dolly’s Art Game


  1. Delightful scene,can brighten any dullness.Flowers ,water,blue sky. Thank you for liking my post.Regards.jalal

    1. I knew I just had to join in with this one, Kathy; the pic pulled me and tugged at me ’til I took it into Photoshop and added the little reading duck (or is it a goose)? 🙂

    1. That’s my addition, yes sir’ee, my beautiful Resa….
      Just call me quack, or is it honk?
      I think we should have a competition…! Is it a duck, or is it a goose….?
      Ha ha….. xoxoxo 🙂

      1. Oh, a goose it is! I thought maybe it’s a fusion, but upon looking again, it is definitely not a Doose that says Guonk, or a Guck that says Huack! Hahaha!…. 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. A beautiful picture Carolyn of a swan reading the reviews in Time magazine of her version of Swan Lake 😉 Loads of fun. Ralph xox

          1. I love you too Carolyn xox (I can say that because no-one reads my posts and comments unless there is some flirting going on, which we would never do on a world stage) 😉

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