Squirrel (General) Reflection

Squirrel  (General)    (Listen while you read)

A Squirrel - Photo Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service
A Squirrel – Photo Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service

A happy chap! Yes, a happy chap!

Won’t you come and join me!

Too many fear being happy..! 

Oh yes, my friends.

Too many fear being happy.

You think not?

You think there are those who pretend to be happy when they are not?

Do you think there are those who refuse to be happy?

These may seem like silly questions, my friends; and yet we know there are those who refuse happiness with all their heart.

And why do they refuse happiness?

Some refuse happiness because of a past pain. That they do, dear hearts.

They refuse happiness because of a lost love, or a lost job, or a lost article of some monetary value.

There are a myriad reasons why some refuse happiness.

Are you refusing happiness?

Do you refuse happiness because the weather is not to your liking? Yes, does this ring true for you?

Could it be that happiness is alluding you because of a ‘difference of opinion’?

Indeed, many are the reasons why some refuse happiness.

A simple word is ‘happiness’. And yet, dear friends; woe be to those who refuse.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Neither do we; they look such sweet little things… 🙂
      It would be so beneficial if we could ‘let go’ of the past. I know it is difficult for some; yet so worth it…!

  1. I suppose I do on some occasions refuse happiness.
    Only on some though – for most of the other ones I let the happiness happen 😉
    Have to admit, it’s usually the people happiness I let slide. If there are humans involved it invariably turns to unhappiness. I’ll stick to my animals and clouds thanks!!

    1. Haha, David; nutty but nice… 😉
      It does take effort sometimes; you are quite right. It certainly is easier to remain miserable however, being extremely vain, I wouldn’t like to wear all those wrinkles… 🙂
      Seize those wrinkles, and throw them to the…………….

    1. Me too, LuAnn…
      I really appreciate what you have said regarding your brother. I know an individual who always says: “I shall be happy when……” You know; when I get that dress, when I lose some weight, when my neighbour refrains from, when the government creates change, and on and on……
      Sometimes these wishes happen, however, there always comes another “I’ll be happy when”; so the cycle goes on and on….. Such a shame for souls such as this! They seem to miss out on so much of life’s treasures.

      1. I have told him this so many times over the years but I believe it is going to take a unbiased third party to tell him this before he may believe it, and he has to take that step, as each of us does. Thanks so much for this post Carolyn.

  2. Very cute and very wise is the squirrel. I choose happiness (can’t really help myself) Every once in awhile my parade is rained on…. well, then it’s a wet parade! 🙂

  3. We live in a town with many trees, the squirrels are plentiful, and they love to tease our dog who watches them from the window. I like having them around. I am a silly person, and I love to laugh. I tend to find humor in everything, which lends itself to finding and accepting happiness. Very nice post, Carolyn! 🙂

    1. How I would love that, Maddie; to have squirrels to watch from the window (lucky you). They are not native to Australia, though two species were introduced to a number of zoos (one of which is now thought to be extinct here; the American Grey). The other species (the Northern Palm) continues to live (though not thrive) in a few zoos throughout Australia, though I’ve not been lucky enough to have ever seen one.
      Being ‘a silly person’ certainly has its benefits, Maddie… I enjoy the ‘silliness’; it certainly smacks of happiness… 😉

      1. I’m surprised they don’t thrive in Australia, Carolyn. They suffer brutally cold winters here and quite hot summers. Your climate is much more mild, isn’t it? When we were children, my dad hunted squirrel, and they supplemented our food. They are looked at differently by many here. Some feel they are part of the rodent family and a nuisance. Others do hunt them for food – although we would never be permitted to kill the squirrels within our village. And for others, like us, they are simply lovely to have around, and they can be quite entertaining. … Bless you for the edit. 😉

        1. We are a very large country; almost the size of the U.S.
          The climate ranges from tropical in our ‘top end’ as we call it, to weather not unlike the very cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
          Tasmania, our most southern state, ranges between 39 and 50 Fahrenheit (during winter), though can drop much further than this.
          It also depends upon geography too…. Within Australia are many ‘ranges’. The snow fields of Victoria (a day’s drive south) are quite spectacular and a great winter sport for many. The temps often drop to below freezing. Also, within my home state (New South Wales) are the Kosciusko Ranges, which once again provide great winter enjoyment. I could go on and on, though I’m sure you understand, living within such a huge land mass as The States with similar climate variety.
          It’s not totally understood why they don’t thrive here; perhaps it has something to do with their food needs…
          Yes, I appreciate that some regard them as pests. Indeed, our native Kangaroo can be quite troublesome for our farmers, and culling is carried out occasionally…
          By the way: Many call me Caroline; I think it rolls off the tongue more easily… 😉

  4. some rude words by others could also make ppl refuse happiness. Better to put them aside and focus on the happy thoughts, right? and a very cute squirrel there:) so glad to see these posts once again:)

    1. Yes, Padmini, I know what you are saying. Many live under very trying experiences, such as you’ve mentioned. It would certainly be harder to maintain a healthy attitude whilst a victim of abuse; though trying is its own reward…!
      I’m so glad you enjoy these posts. 🙂

  5. I think some just don’t know how to be happy. They do not know what to do with themselves. Being unhappy is easy. You just look for everything negative in your life, you always know what can happen and you are always afraid of what could happen. It’s your life’s purpose to be afraid of everything that happened, that will happen and that could possibly happen. You know exactly whom or what to blame…

    If you do not have that, what would you do? Some people just don’t know how it is – to live, to be present and to enjoy right here, right now.

    1. Sad to say, I believe you are right; I have known such people.
      As LuAnn mentioned above; we cannot do it for them; we each must come to our own appreciations in life…
      As I have ventured forward in my walk toward ‘better thinking’, there have been many times when I’ve felt scared of the future. Standing on top of a cliff and peering over into the unknown has always been a bit scary. Yet, each time I took that step I found ‘my feet’ after all. It does take a certain courage and, I believe, a certain support. I could never have made it without help…!

  6. This reminded me of the squirrels on my mom and dad’s farm. I loved the message from the squirrel, Carolyn. Really something to think about.

  7. I love squirrels, but since they are so abundant in my neighborhood in the Kansas City area I take them for granted. Friends of ours from Sydney, Australia, visited us one winter (I warned them it could be very COLD!) We had one of our rare snows, but they loved it and the kids were soon sledding. One of the first things the older son did was to take photos of squirrels. He’d never seen them in person before.

    1. We all tend to do that; take those things close to us for granted..!
      I can well understand the ‘older son’ taking pics; I would be too! 😉
      I was recently on another Aussie’s blog. She had pics of our wonderful Aussie birds, many of which are extremely colourful. A blogger from another country (I can’t recall which at the moment) was excited to see the incredible colour variety. I instantly thought the same as you have; I pondered on how wonderful they are and how I ‘took for granted’ their wonderful presence. We are so very fortunate to have all these precious little creatures about and around us. What a joy they are…! 🙂

  8. Also, thanks for posting this message. A lot of people who are very lucky refuse to be happy. I try to find a little bit of a silver lining. Sometimes, it’s hard. We got 20 inches of snow in one week recently. My silver lining was that I got some exercise shoveling it out of the driveway.

    1. Ha ha ha…. Indeed, there’s always a silver lining… 😉 It’s all in the attitude, isn’t it…!
      Our dancing teacher was taking another dance lesson before ours last week with a woman who looked like a beginner. Yesterday he told us that she had a car accident a few years ago. She had been a successful competition dancer who had started dancing from a very young age. The accident left her paralyzed. Doctors informed her loved ones she would never walk again, and would probably be a vegetable. She had to learn to do ‘everything’ again; walk, talk, eat, think, and now ‘dance’.
      She is someone I admire, and would hope to emulate should fate deal me such a blow. It’s all in the attitude…. Some people ‘blow my mind’ with their courage and greatness…
      So pleased you made this comment…! You made such a good point…

  9. We have five or six of these lovely fellows that hang out at our house. Of course, that has everything to do with my wife and daughter leaving cookies and various other treats out every day!

    1. Oh, I’m turning all hues of green, my dear Hook…
      I would love to be able to do that..!
      They (squirrels) seem such lovely creatures; as are VampireLover and Sarah… 😉

    1. Absolutely! If that’s possible it’s a sure way to get a great start.
      The woman I spoke of earlier (in my reply to Catherine) who had been paralyzed in a car accident was fortunate enough to have some very good people around her. Without them she would have remained a vegetable hooked up to machines. Granted, she didn’t instigate their desire to help directly, however, because she had nurtured those relationships before the accident those individuals came together to assist her.
      Certainly says a lot for surrounding ourselves with good people, Lisa; to be sure!

  10. Loved this one. As always, the lovely voice adds to the package.

    Serious question: Do you have squirrels in Australia?
    Not-so-serious question: If you do, do you call them something wacky like Squerleedoo?

    1. Thank You, Smak… 😉

      No, they are not native to Australia. We do have the Northern Palm Squirrel
      (a gorgeous little fellow native to India) in a few zoos, however, I’ve yet to see one. Some years ago the American Grey was also introduced into a few zoos. They didn’t fair well and are no longer housed here.

      Squerleedoo; pronounced phonetically, that is a very sweet name…!

  11. Nice reading about you Carolyn

    Thanks. I invite you to visit my blog Ajaytao2010.wordpress.com. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

  12. I love your readings – so clear, and your character shines.

    I’ve never seen a squirrel, not even in a zoo. I find them very curious.

    I know about refusing happiness, and presently am in the process of giving myself permission to be happy, healthy, well. It’s a really odd blockage to have, as a human being. Ah sigh, the human condition! Let alone the squirrel condition…

    1. Thank You, Noeleen… 😉

      Nor have I seen a squirrel; we are definitely deprived here in Oz…. 😕

      That’s what it takes, Noeleen; permission, particularly from yourself… I’m definitely speaking from experience here… 😉

  13. Happiness only could be found in the present. If we focus the pain of the past, the lost of the past, we never see how beautiful the present is at the present moment. 😀
    I wish I could focus more at the good sides and forget the lost sides of life…Thank you for the inspiring words.

    1. Thank You, Cristina…
      Such wise words you have spoken. We cannot change the past, however, we can ‘come to terms’ with it, accept it, and allow it to make us more wise, indeed….

  14. I had no ideas that you didn’t have squirrels – so common here that they are my husband’s pests. The burrow, which is fine in a forest, but not so great in your yard. They are adorably cute, though, much more attractive than rats and gophers. Silly happiness – mmmm my favorite activity is being silly and making others happy – and myself in the process. It is never a chore to be silly! 🙂 Love the post. So are you Caroline or Carolyn? Have a great day 🙂 Marsha 🙂

    1. True; silliness can be so liberating, and such fun…! 🙂
      No, no squirrels in OZ – more the pity… I’ve never seen one; except in print.. 😦
      I can imaging they could be ‘troublesome’ with their burrowing and foraging ways, however they are sooooo cute. We have possums (not opussums) in Australia. They are similar to the little squirrel in that their territory has been cleared in many areas and they ‘take up residence’ in the roofs of homes (or anywhere they can). Naturally this can cause some consternation, however they are gorgeous creatures; they are nocturnal (unlike the squirrel) and can often be seen at night.
      Carolyn is my name, though many call me Caroline – I like both, so either is quite okay with me… 😉

      1. I wish I could send you some squirrels, and one gopher. A hungry gopher ate our best tomato plant today, so Vince and I are both mourning instead of being silly. Silliness – poof, gone with the slurp of a gopher. 🙂 So I have to look and decide which looks best for such a creative person as you…. Carolyn, Caroline. Lines can be creative, but are usually associated with mathematics rather than creative endeavors, so I’m going with Carolyn, at least for now. 🙂 Marsha 🙂

        1. That’s sad, and heartbreaking I’m sure… Have you ever considered hydroponics..? Not the same thing as a ground vege patch, but it may be possible…!!! Or a ‘raised-bed’ vege garden…? Glass/plastic house…? It would be so disappointing to lose your labour of love, like that..! 😦

          1. He has two raised bed, but put the tomatoes in the ground. We live in a glass house, so we couldn’t even throw stones at the little thief! 🙂 I’m not as crazy about hydroponics, probably because we live in the middle of the largest agricultural area in the world, and I would just feel like a total failure if we couldn’t grow SOMETHING in the real ground – as least a few things. Fortunately it wasn’t the only one he planted. So much for being silly! Have I ruined your blog with all my tears??? 🙂

            1. ” Have I ruined your blog”. Haha…. NO…. This post is regarding ‘refusing happiness’… don’t think you fit that bill…
              Ah well; nothing for it but to plant one for you, two for them…. 😉

              1. hahaha Keep their little teeth sharpened and GREEN! 🙂 Well, maybe not. I don’t think roots are green! hahaha That was WICKED of me to wish green teeth on them. Oh well, they did eat my tomato plant! 🙂

  15. I see now that I had read and commented on this post.
    Sometimes, I am so excited to comment, that I forget to “like”.
    However, I always like squirrels! xoxoxo

    1. Me too ~ forget to ‘like’… 😉
      And sometimes forget to ‘like’ a comment. Don’t think it matters all that much; comments are priceless; as are you, Resa. Meeting you will be such a pleasure! xoxoxo

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