Yorkshire Terrier Reflection

Yorkshire Terrier   (Listen while you read)  


Oh, how I would love to be strong, to see life through a strong heart; to be merry and gay and dally all day, singing and happy in song.


Oh, yes, my dear friends; to be strong and to see life through a strong heart. Wouldn’t we all like to be this way! Alas, for some this is not possible. Many have not the capacity for such bravery. Indeed, some sit by the roadside and watch. Others walk along the road, whilst some run.

Each to his own, as the saying goes. Each to his own; for, one way does not suit all.

And this is what the Yorkshire Terrier personality needs to remember as it sits, walks and runs along the road.

Indeed, the road for the Yorkshire Terrier will have many a turn. One day sitting, one day walking, one day running; all quite natural and good for this personality type.

Yes, my friends, it is better to learn this lesson early should you be attracted to this precious pooch.

Chapters change, and move with the time.

You would do well to apply this saying to yourself…

“I am what I am; unlike any other”.

This will allow you to view the world in your way, remembering that ‘to each his own’ holds much sway.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Yulia_Nikulyasha_Nikitina / Shutterstock.com


  1. You are awesome! I turned up the volume and put my Yorkie in my lap so that she could hear your reflection. She was impressed… and then jumped down, ran around the room and jumped back up, as though she wanted to show you her energy! Wonderful, wonderful! 🙂

    1. My little ‘Sweetie’ was a little bit yippy when she came to us… I’ve taught her to ‘sit’ when the yip presents. She now has the ‘yip’ under control…! However, her little front legs jiggle about as the yip sits in her throat. Guess it has to come out from somewhere…! Haha… 🙂

  2. As our old friend Popeye said…. “I yam what I yam, and that’s all what I yam… I’m Popeye the sailor man.”…. but he really meant to say, “I’m a Yorkie!”….. And, no, I don’t know what that means…. 🙂

    1. They certainly love attention; that is very true indeed… 😉
      For those with the time, they can be a marvelous companion…. 🙂
      Our little ‘Sweetie’ is part long haired Chihuahua and part Pomeranian. She also loves and seeks our company, is quite ‘high’ maintenance too; but, what the heck; she’s adorable…! 😉

  3. They’re such cute little dogs. Although hellishly overpriced – the day I pay more than 2K for something the size of my foot is the day I have too much money!!
    Still, a cute little thing to cuddle up with at night 😉

    1. Here in Australia they range from around $500 to $600US (average)..
      They are tiny, to be sure… However, that means they would cost very little to feed… (Said with tongue in cheek) 😉 and they wouldn’t take up a lot of space… 🙂

      Love your last line; you softie you…! 😉

  4. You are absolutely right..each one is unique..and should use talent to the best of capabilities..It is cute indeed..but will watch it from some distance:)

    1. Indeed, Resa; they certainly are sweeties… I’m very attracted too. In fact, I’ve had a hankering for another puppy/dog for some time now. Ah well, we’ll see what fate has in store…! 🙂

  5. I’ve studied that terrier picture, and come to a conclusion: I should grow my eyebrows longer. It produces a kind of regal look that would suit me quite well, I think… : P

    Your counsel is most wise, my dear Carolyn. You are truly unlike any other, and for that we can all be grateful. I know I am… : )

    1. Indeed, Mark…! A regal look indeed. However, as I study your handsome pic I have to disagree… There could be nothing that could be done to enhance your glorious image; it is already beyond ‘regal’; to be sure… 😉

  6. Oh Carolyn not again

    so exquisite,so beautiful, so amazing your voice turns an ordinary story
    into a charming story so beautiful to the ears.I love you voice and the pronounciatins
    so beautiful

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