Picture it & write – This should not be hard…!

Ermilia’s Picture it & write  (Sunday 13 January 2013)

Once again, here is my offering to ‘Picture it & write’ hosted by Ermilia (Ermisenda and Eliabeth) who invite others to join them by writing a fictional story or poem to accompany an image presented on their blog.


Picture Reproduced from:Ermilia's Blog
Picture Reproduced from:
Ermilia’s Blog

This should not be hard!

Now, what was it I was to do?

Oh yes, that’s right; push slowly and firmly as I caress the sides with my aching muscles.

Ooooh, that feels so wonderful.

Oh my goodness; I’ve never experienced such tingling before.


Now, ease myself forward in a smooth way bringing my thighs closer to the edge.

Ahhhhh; what a fantastic relief.


Then, easing my way backward, embracing the water as I move to and fro.

Oh, this is heaven.


Allow my fingers to caress.

Ahhhhh, gently now, gently.


Let my legs open and close rhythmically following the waves of my body.

Oh, is there a law against this?


Come to rest, allowing my body to calm.

Allowing my heart to slow.

Allowing my thoughts to relax.


I’m going to have to ring Jenny and let her know that Pilates in the bath is so… exhilarating!

Carolyn Page


      1. 😉 Carolyn my dear, you are so much fun!
        I’m on a project for a few weeks, and drowning in its demands. After that, I’ll get to do a Post.
        (I’ve started your “Art Gown”)
        luv xo

  1. That was great. 🙂 My first response to the picture as someone over six foot is that it looks like every tub I’ve been in: way too small. 🙂 I guess it was enough room for…stretching though. 🙂

    1. I’ve often wondered why it is that most males prefer showers. Perhaps ‘height’ is a major consideration… 😉

      And, yes David, stretching is indeed a wondrous aspect of the delightful ‘Pilates’… 😉 😉

        1. David, there is nothing quite like a good soak; it’s generally the last thing I do before retiring. As an aside, it is said; to immerse ourselves in water before sleeping is one of the better things we can do to induce sound sleep. I heartily agree…! 😉 And, if I could materialise a six foot bath for you, I would… 😉

  2. you made me blush there for a moment as I thought: oh, no, you didn’t! But then, on the other hand Yoga is a very heathly exercise to pick up in the bath tub..ha..ha..ha…

    1. I would like to see you blush; stop thinking…!
      I hadn’t given any thought to yoga, Dace… Now (naturally) the mind recollects poses that could be quite suitable…..! Though I have heard that ‘yoga in the bath’ can send you blind…! 😉

    1. Me, naughty…! Oh Kim, you know that I am quite above any ‘naughtiness’, as you say…! However, a little ‘inventive’ exercise in the bath is another animal altogether… 😉 😉

    1. Oh yes, Anne; a good hold is needed for the health benefits of ‘Pilates’ to have their wonderful way…! 😉

      And I agree with you; the comments tell a wonderful story of brilliant girls and guys having fun… It’s been an absolute joy…! 🙂

  3. Hehe.. Pilates wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought there has to be a twist in the end, the way the story was going but definitely not Pilates. I had my share of laughter with this story! 🙂

  4. Delicious! That was a sizzling hot read. I love your interpretation on why she was gripping the bath. Mmm…maybe I should try this bath ‘pilates’ sometime. 😉 Thanks for contributing this week, Carolyn. Fantastic as always. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

    1. Yes, my dear Hook; this has been a ‘great’ departure from the norm… one that I’ve enjoyed tremendously… a lot of fun..!
      Have no fear though; I doubt that I’ll worry any serious ‘erotic’ writers… 😉

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