Boston Terrier Reflection

Boston Terrier    (Listen while you read) 

BostonTerrierEric_Isselee400shutterstock_79919317Leave me alone.

It might seem crude. I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just that ‘love’ has forsaken me!

(Oh, poor little thing. Why do you cry? Why do you tear? Why do you fear? And why do you think that love has forsaken you?

Indeed, there are times when we can think this way.

Indeed, there are many who feel this way often; are there not? Indeed, this is true.

Many believe that love does not exist. Many, who are otherwise worldly and knowing, believe that love is ‘for the birds’. That is to say, my dear friends, they scoff at love.

For those, comes a rude awakening when love enters the playing field. For love will enter, my friend, when you are least expecting it. To be sure, some may have to wait and wait and wait for many a year for love to come a nesting; this is true. However, for those who have the patience, it does, and it will come.

For those ‘non-believers’ we say: Allow the truth to unfold, dear heart.

Do not put obstacles in its way. This can, and does prevent the appearance of love from blooming in your garden.

Do not scoff at love, dear friend.  Know that love awaits.

It may be disguised and hard to see.

This is the beauty of love, my friend; it does not always wear its heart on its sleeve.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Eric_Isselee /


  1. Yay! I love your reflections Carolyn. And such a little puppy! Wow, I’ve never seen one so tiny. Lovely hopeful post. I’ll read it to my daughter today.

    1. I had to look twice Jamie… That’s a lovely new pic (gravitar) of you… Quite handsome indeed..! (As you know that’s old world language for a well balanced good looking gal…!)
      Thank You and Thank You….! 🙂

    1. That is because you are an open book, Cecilie… An optimist and an adventurer…!
      Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to let love in, or even recognise it…! This is sad, but true…

    1. Indeed…! At times it can be a troubling thing, for sure. At other times, it is because love’s store is not ready to open, and sometimes it can ‘turn away’ due to misconceptions. Maybe there is also the possibility that love, although wanted, is a scary affair… A heart that is not ready to allow love will sometimes force love away by not letting it in.. So many reasons why love does not always ‘play the game’… The final reason why love is not playing is because there is a season for all things. In the meantime, a look at our own heart and allowing it to heal can be a rewarding pastime…..

  2. Isn’t this true of so many good things in life, they appear when we stop reaching so much for them and just be? Thanks for the great post Carolyn.

    1. Exist it does. It’s easy to spot when one sees it, and we can’t be fooled by pretenders…
      I guess that’s one of the benefits of age, Kim… Maybe your cynicism is more a case of seeing the reality of life today, with all the benefits of hindsight..!

  3. Poor little baby dog! I always feel sorry for the ones with the squashed noses. Upbeat as always! But love doesn’t always come calling. Still, one can always hope. As someone I used to know pointed out, there’s one thing worse than not being shacked up with anyone, and that’s being shacked up with someone you don’t like.

    1. Yes, Rose, this little squashed nosed puppy sure is cute..! Talking about squashed noses; have you seen the Shih Tzu… Two were mine, one black, one white… Ahhhh, memories..!
      “there’s one thing worse than not being shacked up with anyone, and that’s being shacked up with someone you don’t like.”
      No truer words spoken, Rose…. Hear, hear…! Been there, done that… Ug..!
      “Better no company than the wrong company” was a saying an old friend used to say… Think he was also right…! 😉

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