Leopard (General) Reflection

Leopard (General)   (Listen while you read) 


Well, well, well. So you think you know all that there is to know?

Huh, that’s what I say. Huh.

If you think that you know all that there is to know, then tell me; go on, tell me.

I bet that you don’t know everything!

You should look inside your own cupboard before you look into others; that’s for sure.

Many of us do that; don’t we! We take a gander into the lives of others, and allow our own lives to meander here and there.

What do we mean by this?

It is simple, dear ones. We look into the lives of others; yes, we put our noses into the laundry of others and watch them get dirty.

“Oh,” we hear you say. “We do not do this…!”

Oh yes, my friends; we do, do this; indeed we do.

We are all guilty of this. It is a simple human trait that we all share; the trait of being nosey.

“Oh,” we here you say again. “We do not do this!”

And yet, dear friends; we know that with a little quiet contemplation you will begin to see where your nose is looking into the laundry basket of others, whilst your own laundry may need a clean.

That’s right, my dear friends. Our laundry may need a clean.

Once this is done, and we understand why our laundry gets soiled, we may not care to investigate the laundry habits of others. This shall be the result of understanding, and compassion for the myriad ways that we each soil our clothing; indeed.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

November 12 2012

Image Credit:  Volodymyr Burdiak / Shutterstock.com


  1. Know thy self before you know others, actually the only thing I do know is that I know virtually nothing

      1. I have realised that my anonymity has been compromised, I am still not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing

  2. Well said…there is so much to learn, to experience and to understand. Most times, I feel like I’m starting out all over again. And that is a good feeling too. Thank you for your wonderful post.

  3. You’ve guilted me again Carolyn! I’m a bit nosey. Byron Katie says ‘There’s your business, my business and God’s business. If you’re taking care of someone else’s business, then who’s taking care of yours?’ Which is what you’re saying! Consider me reprimanded!

    1. Do you mean to say, Yaz, that you are ‘human’ too…!?! 😉 Well, I never…! 🙂
      Dare I say, Yaz; I too am guilty of being ‘human’…. It is nice though, that we can see this in ourselves, and appreciate the journey toward improvement is one that we all share..! 😉

  4. Have to agree with you here Carol. I once knew a woman that was as nosey as she was intent on spreading the joy of said nosiness.
    She cured me – I’ve gotten so bad that people think me rude because I don’t ask them about anything that might in any remote possibility be considered as gossip.
    If those people want to tell their story, it’s theirs to tell.

    1. Good for you…! 😉
      Gossips. It’s not pretty; that’s for sure. It certainly says more about that individual than those they may be talking about…
      I’ve always felt ‘uneasy’ when in company and the conversation turns to gossip. Fortunately, as I’ve gotten older, I no longer concern myself with what others may think. I can happily ‘walk away’, or just not get involved. It’s much harder, I’ve found, to be true to ourselves in this way, than it is to ‘walk with the crowd’…. The odd thing is; respect and appreciation, and a certain ‘trust’ comes our way when we behave in this way…. I like that, and I’m sure that you do too…!

  5. I really try not to gossip or pry into others’ lives as I know how it feels to be gossiped about unfairly, yet as I write this, being human, I too fall short at times. This is a great reminder Carolyn. Thank you.

  6. someone who thinks he/she knows too much!

    people who firmly say “everyone does that… everyone is like this…” really make me uneasy- there is no rule for everyone in my dictionary, there are exceptions to every rule, and in this ocean of human population the exceptions are not by one or two in number but by thousands.

    whenever i hear these words i instantly remember a really, really wicked creature who used to use these words everytime she spoke of her own vices (not virtues) 😦

    1. The greatest sages profess to ‘constant improvement toward perfection’. The longer I live on this beautiful planet the more I realise I don’t know. I also know that I don’t need to know everything; that’s what a ‘society’ is about – a cohesive force creating a whole…
      Yes, Sharmishtha; fortunately there are those whose ‘excellence’ separates them from the ‘usual’. We have a good deal to be thankful for; it is those who light the way for us to follow….

  7. Hmmm….so the point is u can’t change anything by looking at others….the opposite holds true when u r looking inside urself………In raw terms,’mind ur own business’ can be useful at times 😀

    1. Succinct and pure…. Mind our own business..! I always feel so much better about me when I am doing this. There is an energy of ‘guilt’ associated with ‘not minding my own business’..
      And, I don’t like that feeling… 😉

    1. Oh, absolutely… We mustn’t be too disappointed with ourselves; there’s a lot we have to overcome as human beings..
      The photo is just gorgeous. I found it on Wikipedia and tweaked it a little bit in Photoshop…
      He is so strong and powerful looking…. 🙂

  8. it is way too much fun to dig in somebody else’s laundry! Why would someone actually want to look at their own life and make changes? Crazy talk, Carolyn! ha..ha..ha

    1. I know; I know…. Just thought I’d say something crazy like this…!
      Got to have a bit of ‘light and shade’; haven’t we….!?!
      Life can’t be taken ‘toooooooo’ seriously….. We may think we are meant to enjoy it; or something…. 🙂

  9. Another nice one, Carolyn! And yet I’m proudly nosy. I want us all to have our noses in each other’s laundry baskets, it makes life more interesting. With the exception of my family. They’re not allowed to know anything.

    1. Yes, Rose, I truly appreciate and understand. Family have a way of ‘backfiring’ that can truly explode that laundry basket into a zillion million pieces; to be sure…. 😉

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