Another Big, Big Thank You

The Liebster Award

Awarded by Christina

Awarded by Christina @ Malinka’s Studio

Thank You, Christina   🙂

In Christina’s words: A crazy girl living in a small studio, doing lots of things 🙂

The Reality Blog Award

Awarded by Ivon @ Teacher as Transformer

Awarded by Ivon @ Teacher as Transformer

Ivon also gave me the opportunity to be involved in the

Thank You, Ivon  🙂


Even though I did not partake in this particular event, I feel very honoured that you thought of me.

Ivon’s blog is a place of quiet contemplation, beautiful poetry and understandings of life born of a natural sincerity.

Ivon often features pictures of his daily walks through life, highlighting his love of nature and (without intention) his partner, Kathy.  (She is a lucky girl..!)

One Lovely Blog Award

Awarded by

Call2read (Nightlake)


Thank You, Nightlake  🙂

Nightlake has recently had a change of blog-face/theme which is quite stunning.

This lovely young woman’s poetry and haiku will surprise you with their depth of understanding.


Jo @ manning tree archive


Thank You, Jo  🙂

Jo is a relatively new blogging friend whose travel tales are a joy to read. Jo includes many images that will delight.

Reader Appreciation Award

Awarded by Anxious Antics

Anxious Antics

Thank You  🙂

This lovely young woman (whose name I’ve yet to know) speaks openly and honestly about being South African teaching English in Korea. Frank, and at times cutting her voice speaks of becoming more of who she is; her struggles, and her successes.

Beautiful Blogger Award

Awarded by Matt @ Stories by Williams

Awarded by Matt @ Stories by Williams


Thank You, Matt  🙂

Matt’s interest are far ranging. Primarily he is a speculative fiction and sci-fi writer.  His interests include history, humanity, science, society and the ties that bind us. Here are a collection of his recent posts.

How the Avengers Should have Ended; Epic Rap Battles of History; NASA’s X1 Robotic Exoskeleton; Zombie Proof Your Car and House; Stompy: The Giant Walking Robot; Engineering Life for Mars.

BlogAthon Award

Awarded by Cristi

Awarded by Cristi @ Simple.Interesting.


Thank You, Cristi  🙂

About me ?!  Nothing special.
About blog ? You will find here stuff that i like, photos made by me or found and anything i think is interesting.

Those are Cristi’s words from his About Me page. Cristi’s posts are full of interesting images and videos of artists of all genres from around the world. It is indeed a blog of interest…!  🙂

Cristi also awarded me the

Prolific Blogger Award

Awarded by Cristi

“A prolific blogger is one who is intellectually productive (wow)… keeping up an active blog that is filled with enjoyable content.”

Thank You so much Cristi….  You know I enjoy you and your blog…  Many Thanks for all of the wonderful awards you have given to me…  🙂

Thank You again, Cristi   🙂

 This post is purely to Thank everyone for the awards given to me, and the awards I receive on a daily basis as you visit with me and ‘like’ and/or ‘comment’ on my posts.

Thank You all so very much.



  1. Jeez Carolyn! You’re the Super-Dooper Star of the blogging world!You deserve every one of them. I LOVE your blogs, specially the animal ones, and also the musical ones where people sit on horses and sing daft songs! hahaha! You’re just great.

    1. Oh Yaz, that made me laugh out loud…! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Thank You, I think you’re pretty special too…. even though you don’t have posts with horses singing, or was that people sitting on horses…!?! 😉

    1. Me neither, LuAnn; 4 of them were completely new to me this past month. 😉
      I haven’t fulfilled the ‘rules’ of them (if only I had the time). However, I do like to make mention of the generosity of those who offer me the awards. They are such lovely individuals….!

    1. Oh, that’s a lovely thing to say…
      As for the smiling part; you do that for so many, so many times a day. I always look forward to your wonderful posts of laughter… Thank You… 🙂

  2. Wow, you have just got a ton of awards! and very well deserved too! But, Carolyn, this means that I will NOT be able to give you the award I was just going to. I don’t want to overload you! No, really, well done, congratulations!!!

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