Dalmation Reflection

Dalmation Reflection   (Listen while you read) 

DalmationEric_Isselee400shutterstock_33183787Well, seriously now. To begin.

Where to begin…..?   

Is there a beginning…..?

Is there an end…..?

To have an end one must begin…

But when…..?

(Hello young lovers wherever you are; I hope your troubles are few.

All of my memories are with you to-night; I’ve had a love like you.


There are some very beautiful songs, to be sure. This song is for you, dear friend. I hope that your troubles are few.

At times, it seems as though our troubles weigh us down; do they not?

Indeed; sometimes they do.However, there is always a rainbow after a storm. We must remember this as we travel life’s highways. There is always a rainbow.

You are a deep thinker my friend. This is not always a good thing, to be sure. To think deeply is certainly an art however; we do not want to get stuck in our thinking for, if we do, it can sometimes bog us down.

Our wish for you, dear friend; is that you will discover, throughout your journey of life, the means to think deeply without bogging down.

Yes, this is our hope for you, dear friend; to continue the wonderful art of deep thinking; yet without getting stuck.

This we leave with you, dear friend, to ponder; not too deeply….!)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

September 2nd 2012

Image Credit:  Eric_Isselee / Shutterstock.com


    1. I haven’t met one personally however; one lives not far from me, and I adore him. Unfortunately, he is always kept in a small yard, which is a little sad. He always looks at me when I’m walking Sweetie…. It would be wonderful to open the gate and let him walk with us… 😦 🙂

      1. ha ha. that will be a good idea if the owner allows him. he should not be kept in a small yard because dalmatians love outdoor activities and play. they love to play for long hours as far as i recollect from the book about dogs i have read.

        they are very cheerful creatures and love human company i have read.

  1. This was so nice to listen to, just as I was thinking too deeply…I wonder if you could elaborate on what it means to think deeply without getting stuck? Lots of love, Yaz

    1. Hello Yaz; lovely name…. 🙂
      When we can think deeply and come to a conclusion; we are not stuck.
      When we can stop our minds from going over and over the same thinking; we are not stuck.
      When we can see alternatives; we are not stuck.
      When we can come to an appropriate answer/solution; we are not stuck.

        1. That is the first step. When we can remember this, at the time of deep thinking, this awareness prevents us from getting stuck. It may take some practice however; it will eventually take hold and become a natural part of how we live… Not always easy however; very worthwhile…! 🙂

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