Just like humans..!

The name (and face) have been changed to protect the innocent! Only kidding folks….

Following is a reflection for a lovely cat I met recently on-line who is in the same position as some humans find themselves… 


Anonymous Pussy-cat Reflection   (Listen while you read)  

BengalAnonymousSteve_Heap400shutterstock_70533907What can we tell you about Anonymous? We can tell you that he would rather be anything other than he is. You see, Anonymous suffers from ‘little’ syndrome.

And what is ‘little’ syndrome?

Little syndrome is not a medical condition, no dear friends; it is not a medical condition; it is a heart condition. You see Anonymous suffers from lack.

And, what is lack?

Lack, is a limitation.

And what is Anonymous’ limitation.

Anonymous’ limitation is a lack of love.

Yes, that is right, dear friends. Anonymous suffers from heart problems. You see, he is the least of three (and many more). You see, Anonymous does not feel that he belongs.

Isn’t this very sad, dear friends.

Yes, this is right. Anonymous feels that he does not belong, and this causes him much grief.

His grief is evident in his loneliness. He will often be on his own. This is not something that he enjoys, but rather it is foisted upon him by his position in the family.

This occurs in human families too. One child may be on top, and most of the attention is poured onto them. Another child within the family will be ignored to a major degree. This proves itself to be very harmful to the child in question and, so too, this occurs within Anonymous‘ cat family; he is ostracized to a major degree.

What can be done to assist Anonymous? Nothing really; his family are responsible for this happening, and only they can improve the situation. Unfortunately for Anonymous, until his family dynamics change he will continue to be the least.

We shall leave this sad story here, hoping that all who read will appreciate the journey that Anonymous suffers.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Steve_Heap / Shutterstock.com

August 11 2012



  1. I really don’t understand what a reflection is, so forgive me that please.

    One of the first stories I ever read from my grandmother’s bookshelf had these magic words in it, “Humph yourself.” And there is a great deal more in them than you might think, Best Beloved!

    Anonymous must “humph” himself.

    That thing that limits you is never your limitation. It is your identity. Only when you embrace it, can you use it to your advantage and even rise above it. You take it with you and it colors the things you become in a way that fascinates others and enriches them. It was always what made you different. Different was always what made you you. Humph yourself, humph and all.

    1. A definition of ‘Reflections’ as I deliver them is:
      A synopsis of an individual’s/species personality or nature; sometimes included are its ups and downs, trials and tribulations… you get the drift…!

      Humph yourself…. great analogy, and great advice…
      I generally steer clear of ‘personal comments’ however; my dear Anne, I believe that I have most certainly humphed myself, humph and all…..
      I can absolutely agree, appreciate and understand.

        1. Worldly; yet innocent
          Timely; yet without time
          Uncompromising; yet with compassion
          Abrupt; yet tender
          Fine Hearted; yet with great strength of conviction
          You are a mix of great extremes that give you a ’rounded’ personality. Mix that with a good sense of humour and you have a very unorthodox personality…. 😉
          Short and sweet with lots o’ love….. xoxoxo

  2. there are so many of these persons around us these days. the sooner they learn to love themselves the better. thats the best solution, if a person loves oneself, then he/she doesnot frets much about love of others, lives a content life with mostly fickle feeling named love 🙂

    1. Isn’t that the answer to everything!!!
      Self love, and the self acceptance it naturally incorporates, (or the ‘humph yourself’ as Anne referred to above) certainly is the cure for all that ails us, to be sure, Sharmishtha…
      As always, you hit that nail on its little head…. 😉

      1. the culture in which i grew up thinks loving oneself is selfish, with age and experiences i realized that one does not becomes selfish by loving oneself, on the contrary it strengthens his/her love towards others.

            1. Absolutely… We can’t have compassion for ourselves without having it for others as well. Same as, we can’t have criticism for ourselves without having it for others.

                1. There is a wonderful saying; When we point a finger at others, there are three pointing back at us. They may look zeroed on others, generally though, in their minds and hearts they are harder on themselves.

  3. I have three children, and this is something I think about very often, because it would break my heart for one of them to grow up feeling like Anonymous.

    1. It happens so often; more often than we would think.
      I don’t believe this is something you need to concern yourself about, Smaktakula. Your children have good prospects. After all; an attitude such as yours will go far in preventing them becoming an Anonymous sufferer….

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