Bird of Paradise (General) Reflection

Bird of Paradise (General)   (Listen while you read) 


What can we tell you about the most beautiful Bird of Paradise personality?

We can tell you that it all began many years ago.

And what began many years ago?

What began, dear ones, was an overwhelming urge to do something.

That is right, dear friends. This personality type enjoys ‘doing’.

It is not enough to enjoy life. No, dear friends; this personality type must be doing, else it becomes uncomfortable.

This is does. It becomes uncomfortable because of its innate drive to do.

There are many of this nature. Unlike most they have a sincerity of motivation. That is to say; they enjoy the doing. They revel in the doing. They are comfortable in the doing. They need the doing to be at their best. And, when they are not doing they feel uncomfortable and inadequate.

This is so, dear friends. They require a certain amount of doing to be at their best. Indeed they do. To take this away from them means that their inner world tumbles down.

Yes, dear friends, it tumbles down. And what happens to this personality when the doing is stopped and they tumble down? Just that; they, their inner world also tumbles down leaving them weak and exhausted.

Weak and exhausted, you say?

Yes, weak and exhausted. You see, it is the doing that maintains them. It is the doing that gives them energy. It is the doing that holds them on high. Oh yes, my friends, there are those amongst us who must be doing, else they tumble down.

Are you one such personality? Do you need to be doing else you tumble down? Yes? No?

Look deep inside and you will know, dear friend. Yes, look deep inside where knowing is and you will know if you can be counted as one who ‘tumbles down’ if not ‘doing’.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Parinya_Hirunthitima /


    1. Like you Kim, I’m not one of those who ‘gets energy’ from ‘doing’… (except, maybe dancing – and later I’m exhausted! 😉 ) haha…
      My daughter, on the other hand, is one who revels in the ‘doing’… She is truly ‘at her best’ when she has a million and one things to do….! 🙂
      The Bird of Paradise is stunning; they have colours that are so intense – quite beautiful…. found in New Guinea, The Maluka Islands and Australia. 🙂

    1. Yes, Trisha; I definitely appreciate this beautiful bird as reflecting your personality… You are certainly one who enjoys ‘doing’… and
      I agree, this bird is quite stunning! 🙂

      (Btw: Another comment I just rescued from the spam folder… Ug Ug)

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