Australia Reflection

Australia    (Listen while you read)

Flag of Australia
Courtesy: Wikipedia

What can we tell you about this grand country?

It is wide, it is grand, and it is down the bottom of the world near Antarctica.

It is full of promise; it is full of love, joy and all things good.

It is also vast in its extremities. By this we mean that it has the potential to create many things that could benefit mankind. And, what is meant by this? What is meant, dear friends, is that in this land (that is evolutionarily very young) lies an imagination that has not as yet been tapped. What is meant by this is that although this young country has attained a world-wide status of importance, it is still a fledgling when it comes to stamping its ‘home-grown’ attitude upon the rest of the world. And what is this home-grown attitude? We’ll tell you. This home-grown attitude is one of recklessness. Yes, recklessness. It is reckless in that it does not understand its own importance. That’s right. The people of this country do not have an appreciation of themselves. By this is meant; they do not appreciate their capacity for all things. That’s right; they do not appreciate their capacity for bringing many aspects of man to the forefront. In this lies a degree of recklessness; a degree of recklessness that by its own failure will bring about the many countless opportunities that lie ahead. We shall pave the way by saying:

Grey Kanga
Picture Courtesy: K Compton

This small nation will bring forward many opportunities for the peoples of the world. It will indeed be held on high for its contribution to the world in the areas of health; financial control, humanitarian undertakings (mainly due to its isolation from the rest of the world). This will become apparent over the next decade.

Watch this country as it becomes more and more a major force in the world of politics, with many world leaders taking heed of the fortunes that will become evident over that period of time. We herald a new culture forcing its way into the minds of many; a culture that will be welcoming and abundant in its fortunes.

 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. I have heard it’s a beautiful country! And has the highest variety of wildlife, if I’m not mistaken. I had read Bill Bryson’s travelogue on Australia “In a Sunburned Country” and had found it quite remarkable!
    Wonderful post 🙂

    1. It certainly is a wonderful country, though I am perhaps a little biased being a ‘native’ of this beautiful country.
      I have been to your homeland and I loved it too! In fact, I felt that I could live there quite happily… 😉

    1. Yes Resa, most people who visit have good things to say ’bout us…. Seems though, from the reflection, that we don’t ‘see’ our selves in ‘true light’…! We are a ‘lay-back’ people; looks like we are going to go through a bit of a personality change… May be time to ‘grow-up’ a little more and take ourselves more seriously…!
      May be a very interesting time to come for us…. 😉

  2. Yes, LOVE this post also :). . . come and see us when you can we love to make you feel welcome 🙂

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