Gorilla (Mountain) Reflection

Gorilla (Mountain)   (Listen while you read) 

I’m too heavy for my own good. Yes I know. I’ll do something about it one day. But not now.

image(Many of us do this; do we not? We ‘put off’ things that we know we ought to do today.

Procrastination is a term that can apply to many of us. If we allow this situation to become an everyday event in our lives, eventually we will no longer be living the life that we may have intended for ourselves to live. No my friends; we may find ourselves doing less and less as the years go by; instead of doing more and more.

Does this surprise? Does this surprise that we ought to be doing more and more, and not less and less? Yes? We believe that most, reading this article of life, will feel a surprise reaction welling up from within.

Oh yes, my friends. Life’s intention is to show you more, not less. If this were to be the case we would ‘lose interest’; would we not? Indeed, this is what would happen were we to allow ourselves to do ‘less and less’.

A choice, as always. Life’s adventures are always a matter of choice.

What is ‘your’ choice? To do less or more?)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Sam Chadwick/Shutterstock.com


  1. I dunno…. I think alot of times this idea of doing more and more is suspect. I can stay busy all I want and avoid the true work of attaining enlightenment.

    1. Too true Jen; I know I’ve been one to do that in my life – avoidance at any price…!
      So yes, Jen; I think that staying busy for busyness sake holds many dangers and certainly can prevent us from our personal growth.
      However Jen, I believe the reflection is talking more about enjoyment, and doing those things that bring us satisfaction and a sense of adventure, learning and involvement in things interesting…. These things can then bring ‘so called’ enlightenment as a by-product; as we live, we expand, so to speak… 😉

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