Toothbrush Reflection

Toothbrush   (Listen while you read) 

The Humble Toothbrush

What is a toothbrush? What is a toothbrush, indeed? A toothbrush is a device to clean our teeth; this is correct. A toothbrush has bristles upon it for the intention of getting into all of those nooks and crannies within our mouths; is it not? Indeed it is, my friends.

How many of us use toothbrushes? Hands up if you use a toothbrush! That’s just about all of us. Well, not all of us use toothbrushes. No, some of us refuse to use toothbrushes.
Why do some of us refuse to use toothbrushes? We’ll tell you. Some of us prefer to use our fingers. Yes, that’s right. Some of us prefer to use our fingers.
You ask why do some of us prefer to use our fingers? We’ll tell you. Some of us are afraid of the humble toothbrush. That’s right. Some of us are afraid of the humble toothbrush.
Why? You ask: Why are some of us afraid of the humble toothbrush? We’ll tell you. Some of us are afraid of the humble toothbrush because of fear. That’s right. Some of us have a fear of the humble toothbrush. Hands up if you are afraid of the humble toothbrush. Yes, we can see you.  Now why are you afraid of the humble toothbrush? We’ll tell you. You are afraid of the humble toothbrush for some very good reasons.
And they are?
We’ll tell you. So many of you forget that within your mouths are germs; some good germs and some not so good germs. This is so, my friends. Those of you who are afraid of the humble toothbrush may appreciate that, some germs can cause a great deal of harm to our bodies. Indeed, this is true. Placing that same old piece of old fashioned inventiveness within the crevice called mouth can create indestructible damage to your gums and soft tissues. Indeed, this can happen.
How can we prevent this from happening?
Firstly, understand that cleaning one’s teeth is an important event that must take place regularly; else ‘unhealth’ shall have its way. However dear friends, allow your toothbrush to ‘take a break’. Indeed, why not have one toothbrush for each day of the week! In this way your humble toothbrushes will have the opportunity to dry out. Those little harmful germs will not survive in the fresh air, and within a few days will be, once again, an old fashioned method of cleaning one’s teeth without the fear of overly producing germ laden particles to make your mouth a garden of sewerage.
Oh, we hear you say; oh, that’s a terrible thing to say; a sewer! Yes my friends. Should you not ‘take care’ of your humble toothbrush/es it will not only be your mouths that shall suffer. No, dear ones; your entire body will tremble at the word ‘toothbrush’ as it involuntarily rebuffs what you consider healthy. It knows better than you think. For those of you who have a healthy respect of the dangers inherent within this daily regime we say. “Well done to your innate knowing, dear one”.
To those of you who continually use the same toothbrush, day after day placing it back within a cave like corner where it cannot get the fresh air it needs to clean itself, we say. “Understand the damage that you are doing to the multitude of cells within your body, dear friend. Know that you may be the cause of much of the illness being experienced within.”

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

8 Toothbrushes in a Container
Picture taken by ‘K’

My first thought after reading this post was: “I’ve got to get myself some more toothbrushes! But ‘yike’, 7 of them!!! How am I going to store them? How is a family going to store that many toothbrushes…. Mum, dad and ….. kids!?” Then I went shopping. My beautiful daughter was with me. We had lunch and a chat and then set out to find some toothbrushes and a container in which to keep them so as they would get the ‘fresh air’ recommended in the reflection. We searched all the shops; Big W, Woolies, some smaller $2 type shops and then we came to ‘The Reject Shop’. Voila; there they were, 8 of them in a container for the princely sum of $3 Au (or $3 US). Couldn’t be better…. Now I’m using them, rinsing after use with hot water and ‘moving on’ to the next one…. Life saver; I now feel really good ’bout combating those little germs whose job it is to cause trouble…. Bye bye little germs….  😉  And, it doesn’t look too bad, either…


  1. This is very educational about toothbrushes, plus they must be kept far away from the toilet too. It can absorbed the germs from the toilet and then you’d transfer it to your mouth…
    I advice better to always have a mouthwash rinse after every brushing and flossing 🙂
    Thanks for this reflection Carol 🙂 xoxo

    1. Hi Dolly, K and I are just back from dance practice… 😉
      Thank you, I was hoping that you would agree with the reflection…. I honour and appreciate your dentistry knowledge… 😉
      Although I thought it was going a little far recommending a toothbrush for each day of the week (I have two only) I will be getting some more on my next supermarket excursion… can’t be too careful..!! 🙂

  2. Huh! I thought, I’m a regular tooth-brusher, I’m going to come out of this reflection of yours with an “A”. Instead I’m coming out with a couple more toothbrushes.

    1. Yes, it’s a simple thing. And yet until we read about it, or someone tells us about this; it is not something that most of us think about.
      So glad you thought it interesting. I do too!

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