British Blue Cat Reflection

British Blue    (Listen while you read)

Loyal! Yes.

When there’s a job to be done we must all be true and do that which we must do.



Time to take stock. Time to take a look at ourselves. We British Blue are famous for this quality; this quality of ‘taking stock’.

It is important to take stock. What is taking stock; you say?

Well, dear friend, taking stock is something that we must all do to ensure that we do not go astray, so to speak. We can go astray in so many ways; should we not take stock. Indeed, many of us forgo many things because we take stock.

Were we not to take stock we may find ourselves doing things that, shall we say, interfere with good living.

And what is good living?

Why, good living is indeed as is appears, dear friend. When we are living a good life we are living one which satisfies all of our needs.

And what are those things that satisfy all of our needs?

Why, that is easy, my friend. Those things that satisfy all of our needs are those things that we do because they make us, and others, feel good. Yes, it is really very simple.

When we feel good we are generally taking stock of the things that we do, and enjoying those things that we do.

Simple; is it not?

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Maryna_Kulchytska /


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