Vacuum Cleaner Reflection

Vacuum Cleaner   (Listen while you read) 

VacuumWell, well, well. So you want to know the understanding for the vacuum cleaner!

Why? Why would you want an understanding of the vacuum cleaner?

I’ll tell you why, my dear friend. You want to know the understanding for the vacuum cleaner because it is something that you do not like to do.

(Yes, my friend; you are hoping that you will find out why it is that you do not like to do the vacuum cleaning.

It is simple, dear one. It is simple, and we shall inform you why it is that you do not like to do this simple chore.

That’s it; that’s the answer. The answer is that it is a ‘chore’. Is it not? Indeed it is. It is a chore that many do not like to have to do. However, my friend, should you not care to do this simple chore there would become many reasons why, in the future, you would wish that you had taken to this simple chore when the need was there.

Yes, indeed. Should you not do this simple chore a multitude of reasons would invade your body, dear one. Invaders in the form of micro-organisms whose task would be to invade structures of your being and do their best to create havoc and harm.

Yes, this is indeed what happens to those who (like yourself, dear heart) do not like this particular chore.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Know what you mean…. For me it’s our little dog ‘Sweetie’… She’s more used to it now though; she pretends that she’s okay with it until it comes a little too close for her comfort then she scurries out of the way….!
      Brave little puppy that she is…! We love her to death, of course!!! 😉

  1. Lol . . my daughters purchased a vacuum yesterday . . .is the dog the next thing to come ? It was for me . . . Lucy is a never ending story of hair 🙂 When I vacuum I remind myself that she is worth every lock 🙂

    1. Thank goodness it’s winter in Oz which means less of Sweetie’s hair on the carpet… which means ‘less’ vacuuming…. yeah!!! 😉
      I agreeeeee with you Catherine, although it is a household task that I don’t exactly relish; a fresh clean carpet looks fabulous, and those little balls of hair that brighten up the day are worth every little bit of vacuuming needed….! 😉

  2. Ha! This post had a wonderful cadence to it– kind of a calypso beat! I was boppin’ like a beatnik the whole time. Well, time to take off my beret and fake beard and go vacuum, I guess… : (

    1. So pleased that you found it so…. and, Welcome to my little place of thoughts. Stay awhile, take off your shoes, put away your steel drum and vacuum, relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of ‘Rum and Coca-Cola’… and remember to come any ‘Day-O’…. 🙂 You are always welcome…. 🙂

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