Goat (General) Reflection

Goat (General)  (Listen while you read)

Goat400NikkiHoffshutterstock_150095264GoatHaven’t got time, not now, not ever.

There’s all this stuff here waiting and waiting to get done.

Who’s going to do it?




NO… YOU…YOU CAN DO IT. YES… You can do it !!!

(Well, well, well, the goat personality certainly has a problem with impatience.

Oh boy; I can relate. When I was younger I had the patience of a grasshopper jumping. I’ll hurry on to say that today I have the patience of Job (bible reference). Yes, I overcame that rascally varmint and today am free. Yes my friends, the goat personality would do well to realise that impatience is the cause of many disturbances within. The key to unlocking this door is to become aware of the preponderance toward feeling ‘put upon’. Indeed, when we are asked to do something it may not be the fact that we have been asked, that causes us distress. No, it may be something as simple and evasive to our senses as impatience.

When we recognise that this rascally varmint is the cause we can determine a course of action to manoeuvre around it. Yes, that sounds like a good plan. When we can recognise our anger as coming from our distress and impatience, then we can improve upon our current state and begin the forward movement to freedom.

Yes, sounds like a plan……)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Alan Jeffery / Shutterstock.com

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