Wildebeest (Gnu) Reflection

Wildebeest (Gnu)    (Listen while you read)

Wildebeestgopause400shutterstock_115754704What’s new? Nothing. No there’s nothing new. Or is there?

Wait a moment; I think that I have thought of something new.

Nope, I was mistaken. No, there’s nothing new; just the old, rehashed.

Oh well, guess that’s one on me!!!!!

(Look around you and what do you see? Do you see anything new? Do you see the real, or the pretend? It’s up to us to see whatever we see. One man’s sight may see victorious happenings, whilst another man’s sight may view the ridiculous; you get the drift!

We each shall see the world through our own eyes. An obvious statement you say! Yes, all is obvious when viewed through this means. We shall each see what we see through our own particular sight; our own particular experiences; our own particular viewpoint.

Not to be confused with truth. No, this is where the confusion comes in. Does it not? Indeed it does. We each see through the eyes of our own experience, and this is always somewhat different to the experiences of others.

A simple philosophy, and yet a true philosophy; to be sure.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: gopause / Shutterstock.com

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