Great Dane Reflection

Great Dane   (Listen while you read) 

GreatDanemsgrafixx400shutterstock_155374004Lazy! Who said that? Lazy!



(Oh well okay; so I’m lazy.

There, I’ve said it!

So what; I have many redeeming features.

You just can’t look at somebody’s negatives and say that’s them! 

No, we are a mixture of our good and our not so good points.

There, you see, that’s one of my redeeming features; the ability to view things from many perspectives.

I’ve also many other redeeming features like; allowing others their viewpoint.

This I do all of the time; I have to because, so often, their viewpoint is soooooo very different to mine.

That’s okay too you know; we all have differing viewpoints.

Now, what is another redeeming feature? I know; I have the ability to be wise.

Don’t laugh!  I do. I have the ability to be wise. Doesn’t mean I’m always wise, no, just that I have this ability, and I use it occasionally.

You see, I’m also one who enjoys a good and deep conversation.

Yes, I have many strings to my bow; it’s just that I don’t have to always use them.

No; life’s pretty good when you keep it simple!)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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