Capybara Reflection

Capybara   (Listen while you read) 

Hello there! My name is ‘Capybara’; and I have a tale to tell. No, it’s not a long tale for I am succinct, you see. I thrive in order.  I enjoy pleasure. I am likeable, loveable; it’s true. And this is what we say to you…  Order is the only way.

If we are not ordered in our comings and goings, then we shall have chaos; yes chaos. And this certainly won’t do.

 And so, to begin our story:


Once upon a time there was a little Capybara. He was a very lonely Capybara; do you want to know why? Yes? Good, I’ll tell you why he was a lonely little Capybara. He was a lonely little Capybara because he didn’t have any friends.

And, why didn’t he have any friends?

This little Capybara didn’t have any friends because he couldn’t be trusted.

Couldn’t be trusted? Why?

He couldn’t be trusted because he was always out of order.

Out of order! What do you mean by out of order?

 Out of order means that he was not capable of order. Yes?

Well, yes I suppose that is so. But why didn’t he have any friends because he was out of order?

Friends, like all of us, thrive in order. Do we not?

Well, I thrive in order…. Yes, I like to know that there is order about me.

And why is this?

Well, it gives me a sense of knowing. Yes, it gives me a sense of knowing the ‘lie of the land’, so to speak. When there is order there is a stability about things. So yes, I like ‘order’ about me.

And if there is not order about you; how does this make you feel?

If there is not order about me I can feel a little disturbed. Yes, my mind can feel a little ‘out of sorts’; unsettled, you might say.

And would you want someone, who is not capable of order, to be your friend?

Well, I wouldn’t exclude them from my friend list. However, I probably wouldn’t want to spend as much time with them as I would with someone whose thinking is ordered.

Are you getting the drift?    

Yes, I think I am. Thank you for this understanding. I am feeling a little sad for those who don’t understand the value of ordered thinking. They may be missing out on so many ‘little’ things in life; and they won’t even appreciate why.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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    1. You’re very welcome, my friend…
      Expansion is the key…. !! 😉
      Hard work (with love to back you up) will bring you great rewards….
      Patience dear friend…. patience.. 🙂

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