Kudu Reflection


Kudu   (Listen while you read) How are you?

Never mind the rat race; it won’t go away! Never mind the things that bother you; they won’t go away!  Better to accept all things; don’t rebel, don’t object. Better to remain at peace; at peace where you do best.

There are those times when all we need to do is to ‘accept’. It won’t mean sacrificing your integrity. It simply means allowing others to think and do as they see fit.

Halleluiah brother; that means that if I let you live your life, you’ll let me live mine..!

No? What do you mean? You won’t let me live mine…! Well…. tough! That’s what I say. Tough! I don’t care what you say. I’m gonna live my life how I want to, and if you don’t care for that you can go and sit on a cactus; for all I care…. That told him; yeah ..! @#$??!@#@…

Seriously though; what does it matter? What does it matter what anyone else thinks? We’ll never all fully agree; that’s an impossibility. We may come close to agreeing. However, the reasons for the agreement will be based on similar yet, not the same reasons. There will always be slight variances of thought between us based on the fact that our lives run similarly; however, not the same course.

The best that we can hope for is a tolerance and acceptance of our differences. This is all that is available to us. When we can accept these facts we can allow the differences, and even enjoy them.

And so, my friends; see your friends, your partner, your foes as different to yourself, yet with complete knowledge that the difference can be the very fact that has allowed you their presence in your life. You may find (even with your foes) that the difference between you is not so very vast after all.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Neil Cooper/Shutterstock.com


    1. Why thank you Dolly… 😉
      I am very honoured and accept with gratitude your award… 😉
      (Excuse me; I can hear something sizzling!)
      Oh dear, wait on whilst I go run my blog under some cold water….!
      …..That’s better; it’s now cool enough to type 😉 xoxoxo
      I have just returned from your home and have seen your response to the award given to you… 😉
      No-one can do justice to awards as you do – they are so very creative… 😉
      Hugs and kisses.. xoxoxo

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