Cricket Reflection

Cricket   (Listen while you read) 

Hush. Don’t tell anyone that we are here………………….


(Move over brother; times a wastin’

Get your act together there’s no time to spare.

We hate to see others wasting their time. It’s so precious; it really is….!

Many can’t see that they play about doing nothing… That’s right…. Nothing…!

Can’t they see that life holds so much more? Can’t they see that if they took a little initiative that life would be grand? And yet they sit, day after day after day, doing nothing.

What’s up with that…!?

Plenty if you ask me.

If they didn’t have any legs, then I could understand them not going for walks. If they had no eyes to see I could understand them not wishing to see the beauty. If they were a tailor I could understand them not wishing to be a plumber…. if you get my drift. But heck…. When they are able bodied and nimble minded, yet do nothing… well…that’s just an insult to those who have no choice. Even those who have no choice do something, don’t they? Yes sir’ee… even those who have no choice can be seen climbing mountains with one leg; visiting grand sites of earth when they have no eyes to see.  Don’t you get it man…? Don’t you get it?

Oh boy… I’d better stop my rantin’; it does no good. If you got no get up and go, then you got no get up ‘n go. Can’t make that darn horse drink if he dunna wanna.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. The first year I moved to Wyoming, 2001, they were ALL OVER the place. It was a couple of years before they were gone. So creepy. 😦 I couldn’t get over the numbers!

  2. Milady C…. 🙂 I was gonna get up and go, but my get up and go got up and went….

    Like the old saying says, and I believe I’ve seen it here, “Not all who wander are lost”…. I’ll add to that, not all who sit, are doing nothing. I often “sits and thinks”, while other times, “I just sits”…. as you know quite well… 🙂 But, I’ll agree with you that those who sit, and do nothing, are clueless, and lost indeed…. and, in a spot of Universal justice, they end up getting exactly what they deserve…. nothing….

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