Willie Wagtail Reflection

Willie Wagtail    (Listen while you read)


Hurry along there, time’s a wastin’.

Better to get things done today that need to be done; rather than wasting your time playing about.

Don’t you know you’ve got a lot to do?

Yes; time to see it from my point of view because your point of view is somewhat limited.

That’s right. Your point of view is somewhat limited in nature. And what do we mean by this?

We mean, dear friend, that you have a tendency not to view things from all perspectives. That’s right. You tend to view things from your own little world; don’t you? Yes you do, my friend.

Wouldn’t you like to view things from a much greater perspective than your own? Yes? In order to achieve this you will need two things. And what are they?

Number one, my friend, is patience. Yes, that’s right. Number one is patience. You do lack a little patience don’t you!

Now, be honest. Don’t hide behind self deception, my friend. No, this will never do. When you can overcome your desire to jump into the pool of impatience you will find yourself able to see more clearly the view before you. That’s right. Patience is indeed a virtue. Is it not?

Number two. Now, what could number two be? I know and I will tell you what number two is.

Number two is you, dear friend. That’s right; number two is you. And what are you, my dear friend? Why, you are everything. Indeed, dear friend; you are everything. And what is everything?  Why, everything is you, and you are everything. A little cryptic, you say…? Yes, indeed it is a little cryptic, and yet, very true.

You are everything you see, and everything you see is you. When you understand this ‘not so cryptic’ message; you will understand everything, my friend.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Trent_Townsend / Shutterstock.com


    1. They are indeed. We have a pair who have made their home in our neighbourhood. It’s lovely to see them around Spring as they ‘make their nest’… They haven’t produced any offspring, as yet… Hopefully we’ll see some little ones next Spring…! 🙂

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