Spiritual Insights – Day 1

Day 1 – A Journey of My Spiritual Experiences 

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Dagr - The Norse God of the Day
Dagr – The Norse God of the Day by Peter Nicolai Arbo

There are those among us who, by means of hook or crook, determine the outcome of various areas of life. By this I mean that there are those who ‘force’ outcomes depending upon their own particular fashion of thinking.

We have, at our disposal, various ways to facilitate information distribution. Have we not? Indeed we have. There are many means to fulfil this need. There are many who utilise these media distribution forms with the result that many are influenced by their opinions. This can be all well and good providing the opinions are safe for human consumption, so to speak.

We all know of the types who try to push their products, their opinions and such down our throats. I do not want to be seen as one of these. I have an opinion, yes. However, I do not care one iota whether or not you agree, or disagree. This is my opinion and all I am doing is endeavouring to share it.

I have no particular religious bias. I am not of any particular persuasion. My upbringing kept me from entering church grounds, so to speak. My father had been a practising Catholic (raised as such) and walked away from the church when a young man. He brought up his children relatively free from any church dogma, which allowed me to investigate all religions when it came time for me to do so. I have researched various religious beliefs and find it difficult to associate with the myths that I find within most. This is not to say that I do not have any beliefs, indeed not. However, it matters little the beliefs we hold, I believe. What does matter is the way in which we pursue life; the qualities with which we do this; and the love we engender along the way.

Therefore, this will be the first in a quest to appreciate the journey upon which I am travelling. I am to create a diary of my experiences. May you all enjoy the ride…….

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

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  1. One of my parents was raised Lutheran, the other Methodist. They left it up to each of us children to choose their own religion. My mother, eventually became a Christian Scientist. I know my great-grandmother was also, I am not sure about my Grandmother, but I think so. (All maternal line). I have been to many churches, had people to my house, did Bible studies on my own. Was even baptized, Baptist, in my late 20’s early 30’s. (It was a knee jerk reaction however to another church that I ran from almost in a panic, but that is another story.) I am still undecided and a “Doubting Thomas” to boot after reading some early church histories. I will enjoy reading about your journey! I hope it is a fruitful journey!

    1. Well, I can’t give it up here; t’would be nought then to write about… Gosh; you sure had a twisting through narrow streets journey yourself… Doubting Thomas’ make good listeners… it’s only when one’s mind is ‘totally’ made up that I question the inertness that creates such a state…

      Hopefully the journey will continue to be fruitful. It certainly has been and is to me… certainly not inert, at least…!

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