On Hols ’til Monday…Reflection!

Hello all,

Happy New Year to everyone and may 2012 bring ‘all good things’ to each and everyone.

We're all goin' on a Summer HolidayI’m on holidays for the next  few days; however, I will be tuning in to see what’s going on in the comments arena. So please, if you have any comments, make them; I’ll answer.

My next reflection will be Monday 9th. I have a few requests; Rhino, Australian Quarter Horse, Pug, Parrot, Cat & Pigeon.

I am so looking forward to doing them  😉

If you’d like to make a request, please do; in any section, anywhere – here if you’d like.. 😉 

& RelaxRelax

Have Fun


Have fun… ! 

                       Life’s way too short not to…


  1. You have been awarded the Reader Appreciation Award!

    Here are the rules for this award:

    Award your top 6 bloggers who have commented the most.
    Be thankful.
    You cannot award someone who has already been awarded. And you cannot give the award back to me.
    Don’t forget to tell the bloggers you’ve awarded.
    If you don’t want to pass on this award, that’s okay to. Just admire it.


    1. Aren’t you wonderful…! 😉 Thank you… 😉

      I’ll probably just have to admire it for now … maybe in a few more months (with more bloggers making me a second ‘home’) I’ll be able to respond… In the meantime that makes my little heart sing…. Thank you 😉

      1. Take your time! 🙂 You are most welcome to wait, that is fine. 🙂 You will get lots more awards too, I am sure you will!

        Now I see your warm wishes! Thought I missed it on my blog. Now it makes sense!

        How are your feet? It sounds like you had a very busy and fun night! A whirlwind of a night to be exact! 🙂

        Wow, the resort staff watch the children? How very wonderful! Truly a place to relax and have fun. Nice.

        86 degrees? Sounds like heaven! I could live with that temperature! Wait, at 5:15 in the morning? Gonna be a hot day! Was it? I would love to visit “Down Under”, it has always been a place I would like to go. I have been told the people there are very friendly and it is a very beautiful country.

        1. Hi, it’s Monday morning almost 4am here at home; we arrived home at about 9pm Sunday; which was about 7 hrs ago…. It is probably still Sunday for you?

          Glad you found my warm wishes; I sent them personally tied up with a little happiness…! 😉

          My feet are okay; funny that you should mention that.! I had taken a pair of dance shoes which I hadn’t worn very often and they proved to be a poor choice… I won’t be wearing them again because they have a very tiny ridge in the sole (bad manufacturing) just on the pad of the foot. Wearing them for short periods, in the past, hasn’t caused any problems however, wearing them for ‘almost’ a day proved very costly for the health of my poor tootsies. The day after I wore a pair of shoes that have tiny massage ‘pimples’ on them and now my feet are ‘good again’. 🙂

          We were really pleased we stayed at the Radisson…. It turned out to be a ‘family’ oriented hotel; so it was nice to be amongst young couples and their children. Of course there were people of ‘all’ ages plus lots of tourists (especially from Japan). We enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

          That particular day, I spoke of, was 86 degrees at the hottest time of the day…. 68 during the evening… 😉 Typical Queensland weather for this time of year.

          Just popped over to your blog and noticed that your comments section isn’t nesting as you’d want it. 😦 Would you like for me to email a copy of the settings that I have in the ‘Settings’ – Discussion area? May help…?

    1. It’s 5.15am here in (usually sunny; was yesterday) Queensland (just peeked outside and it’s a little overcast). It’s going to be ’bout 30 degrees celcius today (’bout 86 fahrenheit). Quite ‘tropical like’; the beautiful birdlife have woken me with their incredibly diverse calls. We are staying at the Radisson Resort on the Gold Coast (similar to California summer holidays). http://www.radisson.com/gold-coast-hotel-ql-4211/auspalm The resort is shamelessly gorgeous with lots of things to keep you busy (if that’s what you’re looking for). We feel ‘on holidays’ mood taking over… enjoying the freedom that only ‘time away’ from the usual can bring.

      We are going to be having some dance lessons today with a wonderful teacher we found last year. He also travels down to Sydney (’bout 10-11 hours drive south; which is ’bout 2 hours drive south for us from where we live). So it’s soon down to breakfast and on with the day…! 😉

      Wish I could send some ‘warmth’ 😉 however sending warm wishes your way 🙂 So glad you got ‘so much’ help yesterday ’bout the ‘Comments I’ve made’ section – that’s what I do too..! 😉

      Cheers….. Have a good one…!

      1. I’m a little ‘brain dead’….. We’ve had four hours of dancing lesson..!!!!! Ouchhhhhh… my feet are sore… My bones are weary; my heart is beaming with all the new ‘lines’ that we’ve been given. Now; if only we can remember it all, andddddd put it into practice..!???

        We sure will try…. 😉

        1. Hi, here I am – replying to your ‘Forget Face Detection’ post (truncating!!!). Yes, thanks it was great food. The resort is so relaxed; lots of families having Chrissy holidays. It’s a great place for the children and the parents. The children have lots to do and are looked after by the resort staff leaving the parents to enjoy their holiday too. I sound like an advertisement for them!!

          Today we have woken to a most beautiful, sunny day. It will be 31C or 88F, no humidity today and I wasn’t woken by the birds this morning. Keith said that he was and he was so surprised that I kept ‘sleeping on’. Yesterday was such a ‘busy’ day for us though, it doesn’t surprise me that I slumbered on at all…!!

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