Polar Bear Reflection

Animals reflect our behaviour. The animals that we feel a closeness to, encounter often, engage with, attract and so on; have a role to play in that moment of our lives. They offer an understanding to us of the ‘play’ that is our current experience and give insight into the intricacies of our lives. Following is the understanding for the ever popular Polar Bear.

Polar Bear   (Listen while you read)


A hunting we will go; a hunting we will go.

Hi-ho the dairy’o; a hunting we will go.

Much has been said over the years about bears; their strength; their ferocity; their cunning; their ability to stand still in the face of danger.

It’s all true.

We are strong, we are brave, we have the ability to defend ourselves, and those we love.

Oh yes; you would do well to look at me; my strengths; my abilities.

_____ Proud; oh yes, we are proud. Proud of our achievements; proud of our understanding; proud of our togetherness. Does this surprise? Yes? Well, be that as it may, it is true.

Pride is not a dirty word, you know. To be proud means to admire. Yes, it does. To admire means to be aware that one has the ability to project oneself into one’s environment with gusto. Yes, it does. To project oneself into one’s environment with force and positivity. Is this not a force for good? Indeed, it is.

We have much to say and much to do; we Polar Bear types. Do we shrink from a cause? Indeed not. Do we battle for the highest good? Indeed we do. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because this is the right thing to do. Easy. For no other reason than it is the right thing to do. And we Polar Bear types like to do the right thing; for no other reason than it is ‘the right thing to do’. Simple.

Yes, my friends; Polar Bear types are ever out to accomplish. Not just any accomplishment. Oh no, not for the Polar Bear type. He/she wants to achieve monumental things. And what are monumental things? That’s easy.

Monumental things are the quality which abounds in this personality. They are things like inner strength of conviction; eternal adherence to that which is good and right; making sacrifices. Yes, that’s right. The Polar Bear type will lay down his all for that which is ‘better’.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Iakov Filimonov / Shuterstock.com


    1. Thank you so much. It’s interesting how we meet fellow bloggers. I was visiting a recommended site where your site was recommended. I couldn’t resist! Thank you for your compliment… You too have a ‘very cool’ concept that, I believe, is a teaching tool as well as being very funny, zany and just plain good to read. Come back again, my friend…..

    1. Agree, agree, agree. What can be said? I feel such a ‘deepness’ of strength, compassion, energy, forthrightness; qualities so wondrous when I attune to this magnificent creature. It’s hard to write about them; so deep they go… 😉

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