English Pointer Reflection

English Pointer   (Listen while you read) 

EnglishPointerValerie_Colameta400shutterstock_129271964Heart of gold. Aye that’s me.

Serious minded, although with glee.

I’m good for a laugh, a joke, a cup of tea.

Yes, life is worth living. Hee Hee, Hee Hee.

(What can be said of the English Pointer; so much to say!

Those of us who are attracted to this beautiful canine have the ability to do many things; and all at once.

Yes, those of us who find the English Pointer to our liking will feel the pull of many interests throughout our lifetime.

In fact, there will not be enough hours in the day, nor days in the year, nor years in our lifetime to fulfill the challenges which will present to us.

No, my friends, those of us who partake of the English Pointer energies will wander through many life pathways; all of them as diverse as the snow that falls.

Many of us will indeed be confused by the variances of thought that we may have during our moments. One moment we may enjoy a particular field of interest only to find ourselves wrapped up in another venture, another interest at the drop of a hat.

This may cause some consternation and bewilderment. However, let me assure you that this ability to move freely from one adventure, one thought, one attitude, one plan to another is simply the energy that is right for those of us who are to have this freedom.

Yes, my friends allow the ever changing, mostly gleeful energies of the English Pointer to have their way.

Enjoy a life of ever constant change, ever constant freedom of thought.)

Carolyn Page  –   ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Valerie_Colameta / Shutterstock.com


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