Persian Cat Reflection

Animals reflect our behaviour. The animals we feel a closeness to, encounter often, engage with, attract, and so on; have a role to play in that moment of our lives. They offer an understanding of the ‘play’ that is our current experience, and give insight into the intricacies of our lives. Following is the understanding for the beautiful and much loved Persian.

Persian (Long Hair)   (Listen while you read)


Taking risks; this is life!

So much to do and see.

Taking chances. Having a go. Why sit about when there’s so much that you don’t know?

The personality of the Persian asks of us to be more than we are. Are we sitting comfortably in our recliners while the world moves about around us? Are we afraid to take chances? Are we going places, or are we stuck in a rut? Do we want to take chances? Do we want to sit comfortably in our recliners? Do we want to be stuck in the confines of our present thinking?

These are some of the questions we will need to ask of ourselves when we are attracted to the beautiful Persian. He brings with him an influence which, if we allow, will encourage us to be more; do more; ask more; be not afraid to take that risk. Yes, my friends, the beautiful Persian is asking this of you. Be more than you are. Take a chance. Allow that which is rightfully yours to be embraced.

And what is rightfully yours?

Life, my friend; life in all its wonder and enjoyment. All courtesy of the wonderful Persian energies.


Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  DreamBig /

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