Labrador Reflection

Labrador Retriever   (Listen while you read) 


1 and 1 is 2    2 and 2 is 4    4 & 4 is 8    8 & 8 is 16    16 & 16 is 32    32 & 32 is 64    64 & 64 is 128 128 & 128 is 256    256 & 256 is 512    512 & 512 is 1024    1024 & 1024 is 2048.  Do you want more?

2048 & 2048 is 4096    4096 & 4096 is 8192    8192 & 8192 is 16384    16384 & 16384 is 32768  32768 & 32768 is 65536    65536 & 65536 is 131072    131072 & 131072 is 262144 131072 & 131072 is 262144    262144 & 262144 is 524288    524288 & 524288 is 1048576 & on & on & on & on.  Whatever is asked of me I do. 

The Labrador personality is one that knows no bounds; it continues to suffer long after the need is fulfilled. And why does it do this? It does this because it knows no other way to live. It is encouraged to do, as it does, by an overwhelming urge within its being. This urge cannot be removed because this is its purpose in this experience; to do more than is required.

However, for the human population, thankfully, this condition (of doing too much) is generally a temporary condition. The individual placed in such a situation is not required to go all the way forever and ever amen. No, the human experiencing such a condition ultimately finds the answer and brings about a solution; thus ending the condition.

When we find ourselves attracted to the Labrador we need to ask ourselves why. Why is it that this is so? Are we contemplating going overboard for a cause? Are we giving too much of ourselves? Are we taking on board way too much? This is the energy of the much loved and respected Lab. He is deliciously delightful. He is intensely devoted. He is much revered. He is a dog. We are human. We need to take the lesson and resolve it.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

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    1. They sure do…
      This is going to sound sooooo lame however, I haven’t the reflection for the Indian Pariah (is this the one you mean?) and my guidance has asked that I update/create only one per day (except Sundays and Holidays). I’m off on holidays tomorrow (Wednesday, in Oz) for a week and I’ve already updated the Giant Panda today so your request will have to wait until my return. You are adorable; have fun writing….

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