An Epiphany – Or, a Truth Discovered

Listen while you read Our dearest has had an epiphany; yes indeed she has. And what is an epiphany? An epiphany is something all have when a truth is discovered. And what is the truth our dearest has discovered? The truth our dearest has discovered is the truth of our beginnings, our middle and our …

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Plastic Reflection – A Guest Post by our own Resa McConaghy

Our Dear Resa of: Art – Graffiti Lux & Murals – Queen’s End & Author of 'Nine Black Lives' has offered the following reflection. I welcome you to sit back and enjoy Resa's words of heartfelt passion regarding one of the hardships we have placed upon the Earth and her inhabitants. PLASTIC REFLECTION Thank you, thank you! I can never …

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Love & Perfection Series ~ 5

5. Perfection as a Human Experiencing Love & Perfection Series - Perfection as a Human Experiencing Our dearest reports a sense of well-being at concluding our series, Dear Ones. However, we are here to report that our series is just at its beginnings. This surprises our dearest; yes indeed it does. Our dearest Carolyn …

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Love & Perfection Series – 4

4. Maintaining a Lack of Fear Love & Perfection Series - Maintaining a Lack of Fear Whilst ever we are harbouring negatives, there will be fear. Oh yes, dear friends, negatives are a constant value of fear. And how do we remove the negatives? We remove the negatives, Dear Ones, by recognising firstly: They …

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Love & Perfection Series ~ 3

Part 3. The Releasement of Fear We have spoken of this many times, over the past few years, Dear Ones: Love & Perfection Series ~ The Releasement of Fear The releasement of fear. For this, Dear Hearts, as mentioned in our last post (The Light Worker's Creed), is your mission to which you agreed …

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Love & Perfection Series

Part 2. The Light Worker's Creed. And on we go, dearest, on to part two of our new programme. We say 'programme', dearest, as there will be a number of posts in this series. Our hope is to enlighten all who wish to be enlightened in regard our lives as consciousness. As written in …

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We Are Consciousness

Love & Perfection Series - Part 1 We are about to embark upon a mission, Dear Ones. This mission shall take us further in our quest to enlighten those who choose to be enlightened in regard to our lives as consciousness. This will take the form of a number of posts, Dear Hearts; the information …

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Roller Skates

I’d love to share my beautiful daughter’s most recent post highlighting her newest adventure. Roller Skating! Not only is she currently enjoying this new/old activity; Veronica has entered her name for the local Roller Derby League. 🙂 Go Vronnie! 🙂

Children Say The Funniest Things

After a 27 year absence I laced up some roller skates last October. Purchased custom made skates in December and have now put my name down for the local Roller Derby league.

As a child I always felt freedom and love for skating.

I informed a friend of my new purchase and he exclaimed. Veronica people our age are getting away from those kind of sports, you know the ones, where agility and balance are needed. To that I laughed and shook my head in agreement.

This is precisely why I had never put my skates back on.

Fear of falling and injuring myself, fear of peoples response to me while on skates and of my discussions with them about my love of roller skating.

How times have changed. I know longer fear……..

Newcastle Foreshore

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A Thought Extension

We surprised our dearest this day with an enormous amount of energy; this we did. In the early hours of the day our dearest was given a 'lack of energy'. This continued until the afternoon social dance when we delivered energy full scale. Our dearest, and her life partner, Keith, then danced the hours away; …

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