Creating Solid Ground

Episode 25

Are we to write?

Indeed we are, dearest.

And what are we to write about?

Last instance, dearest, we spoke and wrote in regard meditation; amongst other things. Yes?

Yes, we did.

And, dearest, I believe that tale is unfinished. Yes?

I dare say there is always more to say.

Indeed, ’tis true. Yes, dearest, this is true. And we, you and I will say it. Yes?

Yes, I dare say we will.

You have a thought in mind?

Yes, I do. I can remember mentioning that most of us, when we begin to meditate, encounter trouble of the mind. That is:  Those thoughts, those fearful or negative thoughts we are harbouring usually surface and prevent us from acquiring the peaceful open slate meditative feeling.

Indeed, ’tis true, dearest. This is indeed the case for many. Would you like a remedy?

Anything that you could offer, I’m sure, would be of great value. To be sure!

Yes, dearest, for those suffering the nuisance value of negative or fearful thoughts will indeed find the meditative state a little illusive. We suggest firstly:

Investigate those fearful thoughts. You may be wishing for something that is presently beyond your capabilities. Indeed, this happens for many as they begin the search for a peaceful mind.

Not only is this indicative of a heart wishing for a peaceful remedy for what ails. It is also a reminder that in order to reach for the stars one must firstly create a ladder.

Our dearest believes us to be a little fanciful in our description. However, Dear Hearts, to obtain the heights one must first have solid ground beneath one’s feet.

We shall leave this here for now.

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Music Credit: Everything Has a Beginning – Joel Cummins – Audio Library Youtube Studio


    1. Oh, I know, Charlee and Chaplin – you guys create solid ground wherever you are!
      Pussy-cats are natural meditators. So cool 😎 so relaxed… 😇

  1. Your advice is very useful CC. When we meditate, and we do that most effurry day, Granny has to write first about effurrything that is kind of bordering in her mind, or just has to be written, and then she can join me with the meditation😸Pawkisses for a Happy Day Carolyn. Hope all is well🐾😽💞

    1. That is such good information, Binky! Granny has found a means of stopping those pesky nuisances from invading her meditation.
      Writing about everything that needs a voice is a fabulous way of getting out what needs to be out. If we don’t get them out (in some way or other) they will sneak into our meditation for sure.
      Thank You so much for sharing that with me. I always knew that you and Granny were clever little bunnies – errrrrr pussy-cats – errrr – you know what I mean… 😎💕😇

    1. If I can do it, Christy, then anyone can!
      Back in the eighties I was truly an unholy mess. I knew if I didn’t ‘try’ I wasn’t going to enjoy a moment, let alone a whole day. So I started to just close my eyes and breathe. This was the closest I came to meditating. Then I began to ‘talk’ about my life with a professional, plus others – the good, the bad and the ugly. Over time I began to forgive myself and have compassion for myself. I started a journal of sorts too. This was the beginning!
      Oh yes, it IS possible for those who have within a desire for ‘better’. Marry this to determination, a little grit and a whole lot of courage – you have the recipe for success.

        1. “Forgiving yourself is empowering, isn’t it?!”
          I believe it is essential for most of us, Christy. Doesn’t mean we are all nasty little critters who have been bad.. hahah… Just means we are normal little humans who haven’t always been morally, ethically or otherwise upright in our actions and behaviours. To accept this and make amends to ourselves by the act of forgiveness is so empowering, as you’ve said. It also allows us to relax and not take ourselves so seriously.
          It is certainly a process and a journey!

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