I Love it – That’s What She Said, Dear Ones

This post I first published just over two years ago. Today I am being inspired to re-publish it. The details remain the same except that I am now two years older (72) and am still experiencing the joys of backwards aging. Please enjoy the second showing of –

I Love it – That’s what she said, Dear Ones

I love it; that’s what she said, Dear Ones. And to whom are we referring? Why, we are referring to our one, our only dearest Carolyn. And why did our dearest Carolyn utter these words, Dear Hearts? Our dearest Carolyn uttered these words upon seeing her reflection; this she did.

We would like to spend some time referring to the ‘backwards aging’ our dearest has been consciously experiencing over the past number of months. In detail, Dear Ones, we would like to, as succinctly as possible, define many of the changes occurring.

Firstly, Dear Hearts, there is a need to bring some up to speed; so to speak.

Our dearest Carolyn has, over the past few years, been experiencing backwards aging commensurate with her work toward ridding herself of fear; fear being the cause of aging; you understand.

For those who do not understand we shall give a short synopsis:

Fear; or negative thinking, is the cause of all that ails; this is true, Dear Ones. Remove fear, and the body and mind begin restoration.

Naturally, there is more, Dear Hearts. There must come nourishment to assist the process. The elimination of all foodstuffs that hinder the health of the organism such as sugar, Dear Ones, must be taken seriously if backwards aging is your goal.

Our dearest’s life partner, our Dear Heart Keith, has, over the past months shifted to eating, more and more, a diet free of refined sugar, and is experiencing backwards aging in the form of a more lithe figure with the greater strength of a more youthful individual. This is part of the backwards aging process – all things change for the better.

“I love it”, was her reply.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest bent down to pick up some pet hair. How youthful she felt. She remembered when this was not the case. Previous to the past few years, pet hair remained on the floor until she felt strong enough to remove it. Now, Dear Hearts, as the pets shed their hair, our dearest bends to collect it.

A small thing, you may say. However, Dear Hearts, when you multiply this by the hundreds of small events within a day, the possibility of an enriched way of life becomes evident. Small chores that daunted our dearest and challenged her physical reserves no longer play a part within her life. No, Dear Ones, our dearest runs a ‘tight ship’; everything in place, neat and clean and tidy – just as our dearest enjoys.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest is now, for the most part, biting at the bit to use the more youthful strength that backwards aging has brought.

Many Great Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. Oh, Dorothy – I can tend to forget many of the advices I’ve received over the years. This reminder was so good to reread and to listen to.
      As I’ve mentioned – I am sometimes the observer to my own posts; reading them as if for the first time!

    1. I meant week, but the idea of “weak” may be appropriate. Because when we take on strength from good thoughts and take care of ourselves we move forward into strength! Sending hugs!

      1. Well said, Rebecca!
        Yes, life really is all about taking care of ourselves. After all, Will Shakespeare advised:
        “This above all: to thine own self be true.”

  1. Lulu: “Hmm I wonder if this would help with Dada picking up all the pet hair that we leave on the floor.”
    Charlee: “Never mind the pet hair on the floor, what about all the cobwebs on the walls and in the corners?”
    Chaplin: “Hey, don’t you encourage anyone to mess with my cobwebs. You know I like to climb up and try to eat them.”

    1. I absolutely agree, Christy!
      K and I have been to a few Sunday Socials the past month or so. You know it still surprises me as I’m floating or speeding around the dance floor that I have energy to spare. I can also, sometimes, take this for granted. I can forget that a decade past I was starting to feel less flexible and less able to do the ordinary things of life, like general housework!
      This post has, once again, made me sit up and take notice. Freedom from fear plus a good diet and exercise is all it has taken to feel this good… Hahah…
      Okay – so it’s simple but maybe not so easy. However, Christy, I’m up for it…

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