Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!

Today we took our dearest, Carolyn, on a journey of discovery; indeed we did, Dear Ones. Indeed we took our dearest on some R & R, so to speak; for, she was in need of some TLC; yes indeed. And why was this so? We shall tell you:

Our dearest was in some pain. Not physical pain; you appreciate. No, Dear Hearts; our dearest Carolyn was in mental pain; this she was. And why was she in mental pain, Dear Ones?

Our dearest was in mental pain due to an overabundance of mental torment; this was indeed the case for our dearest. An overabundance of mental calculations equals mental torment; to be sure, Dear Hearts.

And this we say to all:

When life hands you a load full of change it is best to eat it piecemeal, as the saying goes. However, our dearest’s nature does not appreciate such a strategy. No, Dear Ones, our dearest enjoys succumbing to change with gusto; this is a pattern for our dearest that she thoroughly enjoys; indeed she does.

The recent conversation explaining her current situation (as written in our previous post) hit our dearest hard; this it did. Were she to be as others, Dear Hearts, she may still be sitting with a head full of angst and confusion. However, Dear Ones; like others she is not.

No indeed, Dear Hearts; our dearest is equipped with a mindset that chews through change with gusto and aplomb. This day, with a little retail therapy, which garnered for her a few choice pieces of clothing, a toiletry cabinet, and some organic foundation; netted movement in which she was allowed the mental space to move forward with the new appreciation under tow; so to speak.

We speak of the information given within the previous post, Dear Ones. Especially the aspect of the different forms Light Workers will use to attain backwards aging. As our dearest now appreciates; there are many ways to skin a cat; as the saying goes. Many, who had felt overwhelmed, now appreciate they too can attain backwards aging. Were the only means available to be as our dearest Carolyn attains backwards aging, there would be limited numbers achieving this goal.

We speak openly, Dear Hearts; for our dearest’s journey to Love & Perfection has been, and will continue to be with the highest degree of purity, sincerity, and above all else; dependability. This was and has always been the case, Dear Ones. We do not expect others to reach this standard; few will; though, this shall be but few.

No, Dear Ones; for most the attainment of Love & Perfection will require far less. For most, and the simplest route, will be the desire to attain a younger countenance. For more robust individuals will be the desire to reach yet a higher standard whereby they will know their example will benefit many by the domino effect of their actions. Then, Dear Hearts, will come the teachers; the examples of Love & Perfection. It will be individuals such as these who will form the foundation that will usher in the new.

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. “An overabundance of mental calculations equals mental torment” – I am a chronic overthinker and stressed and I plan and think and keep doing things rather than leaving them for another time and it’s most certainly mental torment! I’m sorry you were feeling like that, but it’s great that you opted to get a little brain space and retail therapy. I too find that a change of scenery and something to ‘take your mind off things’ can help, as can a few new bits & bobs in shopping bags! 😉
    Caz xx

    1. And I’m sorry, Caz, that you too dance in this fashion! However, this dance is unlike any other, and generally finds itself swaying to the music of a higher nature; one that not only induces potential growth for the individual, but also for many – as can be seen in your posts of enlightenment.
      Thank You so much, Caz. Your words of encouragement and kindness mean a whole lot to me. Just a natural part of who you are! 🙂

  2. It all makes sense to me.
    Retail therapy worked for you on this day. Walking around, looking for street art works for me. It’s my time, alone. Even in a crowd, I am alone and whole.
    It’s amazing how often I’ll be taking pics, and people stop and stare. They wonder what I’m taking pics of. They look to where my camera is pointed. Some see the art, and get it. Some don’t see the art that’s right in front of their face, and only see a crazy lady.
    It’s my dance, of sorts, and as you say, it’s like nobody’s watching. xoxoxo

    1. A true believer in the dance, are you, dear Resa. You are a joy and a bringer of that joy to many!
      Yes, the retail therapy was wonderful. As I walked and shopped the remains of the brain fog cleared with clarity. So much so that I would need to reread the previous post to fully comprehend the brain snag – if you know what I mean!
      Thank You for being you… You know I think the world of you! 🙂

    1. That’s so lovely of you to say, Barbara; Thank You so much..

      Should this be your desire, then so be it… Youthful and fearless – sounds great to me.. (I have a smile from ear to ear.) 🙂 🙂

  3. I’m pleased for you that the fog has lifted on what must have been a harsh change. This post has confirmed that this is such a solo journey yet we are all one …such a dichotomy in many ways…:)

  4. Dear Heart, we speak on behalf of our dearest who thanks you for your comment.
    However, Dear One; as you are aware there is the need for this journey to become alive with meaning for each one who participates. Our dearest shares this experience, along with all others. However, hers is a journey marked with difference. The difference being, Dear Heart, the need to not engage in speculation; you appreciate.
    Our dearest can only work from the basis of absolutes; absolutes that do not employ theoretical hypothesis.
    Many Blessings, Dear One

  5. Dear Carolyn, thank you for the good vibes and the joy that you bring to us! It’s always so uplifting to just be around you, even if it’s only in the virtual world, but the light you are shinning travels far. Have an amazing and inspired day, my dear friend!

    1. Thank You for your lovely words, Mihaela.
      Though I must add: The light can only shine because it is already within you, dear Mihaela… ❤
      And to you a wonderful, shining day.. 🙂

    1. Yes, Helen; the TLC worked great!! ❤
      I'm now at the point where I'm saying to The C.C.
      Okay guys; what's next…?
      Must mean I've 'come to terms' with the status quo!
      Ever onwards….. 🙂

  6. Charlee: “Our dada says they have a sign at the studio that says this!”
    Chaplin: “I guess it’s what they do there, except when they are doing a routine. Then they know people are watching!”
    Charlee: “That’s probably why they don’t do routines very often.”

  7. Dear Carolyn, I know realize why “Dance like no one’s watching” came so easily to my mind (this is the title of my latest polymer clay tutorial as well). I liked very much your blog post and somehow the title stayed with me. I’m not sure about reading Purkey in the past, but I surely love his poem.
    “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
    Love like you’ll never be hurt,
    Sing like there’s nobody listening,
    And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
    Thank you, my dear friend, for being a source of beautiful inspiration and good vibes! Have a beautiful and joyful day!

      1. Thank you, my dear Carolyn, for your friendship and for encouraging me so much. I’m very grateful for everything.
        Moreover I truly resonate with your beautiful message of courage and love that’s showing us the wonderful possibilities that are there for us when we have the courage to do the inside work.
        Have a great day and a beautiful week-end!

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