Play By Your Own Rules!

“Regardless of what is happening around me I need to keep my eye on the ball that is mine; leaving others to their own game.”

Precisely, dearest. It is not intended for you to partake of their experience; just as it is not intended for them to cling to yours. And this will be the case for all Light Workers. Each is an entity unto themselves, so to speak; each with their own part to play.


We have just had an enlightening conversation with our dearest, Carolyn, regarding all Light Workers. Our dearest was under the misconception that those close to her; i.e., her partner, Keith and her daughter, Veronica held the same belief as does she. Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest thought, erroneously, that the two closest to her held the same intent. It has come as quite a surprise to her to realise that, although Keith and Veronica are playing major roles in the game of Love & Perfection, they do not share the same mental attitudes.

Keith, for example, has been backwards aging for some time. His attitude does not include the desire to backwards age; hence his demeanour changes from that of a much younger man to that of a man of his chronological age, depending upon his mood.

Veronica has the desire to backwards age and has backwards aged quite considerably. Her demeanour is that of a much younger woman both mentally and physically. However, her reasons for backwards aging are not even remotely similar to those of our dearest.

Each individual, Keith, Veronica and our dearest Carolyn have a different road to travel. Keith’s road is paved with good intentions; yet he has not been given the inspiration to work upon himself, as such. His progress is more closely linked to appearing as our dearest Carolyn expects of him. This he does because of his love for her, which knows no bounds, so to speak.

Veronica’s desire to backwards age is purely for the love of being able to do as she wishes. Youthfulness allows our Dear Heart to experience more; this being her desire.

Our dearest Carolyn enjoys backwards aging, and expects to continue to backwards age as she meaningfully acquires the rewards for the constant effort maintained in its acquisition. Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest is alone amongst the three with the mindset geared to creating backwards aging purely as a reward for work achieved.

And this we say to all:

No two will have the same intentions or desires in regards backwards aging. Just as no two have the same philosophy in regard any thing within the Earth Fantasy; there will always be differences of thought amongst all.

Our dearest wonders how backwards aging can then be achieved by such differing attitudes.

We have written that backwards aging is a reward for the diligent effort of ridding oneself of fear. This is all that is required, if you are a Light Worker. In other words, Dear Ones; it matters little your attitude in regard any thing within the Earth Fantasy. Providing you are ridding yourself of fear, one of the rewards will be backwards aging.

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. “Regardless of what is happening around me I need to keep my eye on the ball that is mine; leaving others to their own game.” Absolutely love this quote…!!! ❤️

    1. Thank You for mentioning this. ❤ I'm so pleased you think so. It was a statement that came from pondering the advice The C.C. gave. It certainly speaks to all of us, regardless of our life circumstances, ideals and desires; and has definitely left me with a changed viewpoint in regard many things.
      I believe I'll be pondering these changes for some time! 😉 😉

  2. ‘Backwards ageing’, that made me chuckle! You’re so right though, very often we can assume or hope that others have similar attitudes or intentions, when they don’t. I find this when feeling disappointed or let down by others, thinking ‘but I’d never treat someone that way’. That’s the thing, we’re not mind readers and just because we’d act one way, doesn’t mean someone else would be inclined to act the same. Right, I need to get on the path of backwards ageing as I’m really liking the sound of that!! 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. Hahah.. From my own viewpoint I have been watching these two dear hearts changing their attitudes and backwards ag(e)ing (English spelling) for some time now. It really has surprised me to find their desires and intentions were/are so different to my own – very naive of me!
      However, they both enjoy the delights of greater freedom from fear and the reward of backwards aging. Though, I will add, Caz; my dear one Keith has his moods and can gain years in appearance depending upon his thoughts. This was the reason I sought help and was given this advice. I couldn’t understand what was happening!
      So yes, go for it… Backwards Ageing (whatever the spelling) has wonderful rewards! 🙂

  3. Interesting how mood effects the backwards and forwards aging.
    When I’m out hunting street art, working on an Art Gown or baking pies, I’m fearless. I feel younger.
    Doing chores I dislike (taxes, cleaning the bathroom, changing cat litter)… I start thinking in the wrong direction. Fear can sneak therein.
    Whatever, I’m with you. I’m playing my game. Others are doing their thing. I like that.

    1. Great summary, Resa…
      I’ll take a leaf from your book.. “Others are doing their thing. I like that.”
      Thinking about it a little more as I read your comment – It would be so boring were we to be little clones of each other. Each one of us, as I’m now appreciating, has our part to play. It will be so interesting to watch the development of this new paradigm of Love & Perfection, and the various results of those involved.
      I know my eyes are now opened just a little bit wider than they were! 👀 Hahah..

  4. Dear Carolyn, I also loved your quote: “Regardless of what is happening around me I need to keep my eye on the ball that is mine; leaving others to their own game.” And it’s such a great piece of advice: it’s so important to stay focused in a world with so many distractions. And keep your vision alive. And also accept that those dear to you cannot see your vision as you see it… and accept this. As always, your words are the perfect message for me and not only for me…Have an amazing day, my dear friend! xoxoxo

    1. Lovely, as always, to read your words, dear Mihaela; you speak from your heart, and you touch my heart too! Thank You so much.
      I’m still acquiring ‘acceptance’. This information is still quite fresh. I’m realising I shall have different responses and approaches; not only to K and V, but also to all others as I assimilate the new understanding..
      Ever onwards, ever upwards.. dear Mihaela..

  5. This is very interesting to reflect on. How true, each person seems to have a different conception of what something means. We may see them writing or talking about the same topic we love and yet… their attitudes are different than the ones we would expect. I still feel heartache when this happens, but the truth is that it probably gets in the way of any attempt of backwards ageing for me… Thank you dear Carolyn and ♥️ and a very, very happy New Year to you and all your loved ones 💐💐😘😘😘

    1. Yes, dear Vanessa; I am still ‘reflecting’ upon this and will be for a little while, I’m sure.
      Interesting that you’ve mentioned the possible affects upon backwards aging for you.
      As I’ve been in a state of not totally understanding Keith & Veronica’s responses to me and all this entails; I’ve felt I’ve not moved forward, so to speak.
      Now, as I shift this misconception I’ve been under, it will be interesting to study the changes within myself.
      Here’s to a better and greater appreciation of ourselves and all.
      Much Love to you, dear Vanessa.

  6. This is an excellent post as always Carolyn that certainly made me stop and think about my own life and relationships with others. I too, often fall into the trap of thinking others believe what I believe, want what I want and have (or should have) the same path as me. When you are the main character in your own story, it is easy to forget that you aren’t the main character in anyone else’s. It’s humbling and important to remember that everyone else is just you living a different life. You sum it up fantastically with ‘Each is an entity unto themselves, so to speak; each with their own part to play.’ Love it!

    1. A great comment, Dan.
      What a boring world it would be were we all to have the same ideals, thoughts and desires. Variety really is the spice of life!
      I believe I have managed, in most spheres of life, to appreciate this reality and work from this basis. However, Dan, in this little arena I had most certainly been working under a false premise. I’d forgotten we are all similar, but, not the same. It has actually allowed me now to appreciate that my standards/desires are not the gateway for attaining backwards aging and all the marvelous rewards aligned to ridding ourselves of fear.
      Forgive me should I sound egocentric. I know, from a lifetime of self examination (and from the viewpoint of others) I am of a nature that ‘naturally’ extends a little further than most in regards self expectation/ideals/desires. This I also see within you, Dan; hence your marvelous posts and your desire for standards that include high moral values.

  7. The quote says mind your own business and I second it. They say you tell yourself you are old when people in their fifties say uncle you look young. It happens to me and I believe this is back ageing. No?. 😃. Also when these people vacate a seat in bus when you are standing. Then ypu are back to your true age.
    Talking of bus seats a man arrived home with his bottom very sore due to a nail in the old rickety bus hitting on every bump
    ۔ you could have changed your seat the wife said. With whom could I have changed the seat . there was no one other than me.

  8. “The quote says mind your own business and I second it.” True, Shakil; definitely true!
    For women, Shakil, the insult of aging begins when she is no longer noticed, she becomes almost invisible, so to speak. Also, when she is offered first entry through a doorway by a younger woman, or is offered that seat you speak of; because of her advancing age.
    These things were happening to me not too long ago. Today, I am very pleased to report, these things no longer happen. I am looked upon differently by other woman. Younger woman are noticing me and giving me that ‘you look good’ stare. Men notice me, too. This is very confidence boosting, Shakil; something I secretly enjoy! 😉 😉

    As for your sense of humour – I love it..
    Little Old Lady.
    A little old lady got on a city bus, and sat down behind the bus driver. After a couple of minutes, she asked him, “Hey, driver! Want some peanuts?”, and held up a bag full. “Sure!”, he said, and popped a handful in his mouth. After eating several more, he asked, “Hey…don’t you want to have some of these?” “Nope,” the old lady replied, “Ain’t got no teeth! I just like the chocolate on the outside!” 🙂

  9. Isn’t it wonderful to be all unique, dear Carolyn and at the same time feeling so connected. 🤔It’s when you see me😺you see Granny👵 and vice versa, living the same goal, taking our own journey, each in its own way’s only the Granny who makes a point of it sometimes…still working on it, though….MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Healthy New Year to you and yours. Let’s make it a great one✨🐾😽💞

    1. You are such a clever pussy-cat, Binky; and Granny is clever too for having such a smart little pussy-cat as a companion and soul mate!
      Lots of Love to you both (and to Grandpaw) for a wonderful 2019… 😻🐾😍🌈

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