Light Workers/Sacrificial Lambs?


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Our dearest is experiencing life in differing ways to yesterdays. Indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest is regretting having remained in many ways of the past. We shall explain:

As a Light Worker of the Light there are many and intriguing ways to deal with life. Firstly, the Light Worker has a built-in mechanism of Love. Yes, this is true, Dear Friends. Light Workers are born, so to speak, with this built-in ability to Love. This is not always the case for those of the Negative. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; those of the Negative are not always able to love. This, our dearest, finds unusual, indeed.

“Yes, dearest, those Light Workers of the Negative (those two billion of the Negative) are not always capable of Love. And why is this?”

This is so, because, Dear Ones; this is the agreement of the two billion Light Workers of the Negative. They agree to this state of being before entering the Fantasy; yes indeed.

Our dearest has found, over the past few weeks, those of the Negative are rather dull. Yes indeed; they are not the sharpest tool in the box; as the saying goes.

This has quite surprised our dearest. And why has this surprised?

It has surprised our dearest because this was quite a surprising revelation. And how did this revelation come to be?

It came to be, Dear Ones, because of a suggestion from us, The Collective Consciousness. Yes, indeed, we asked our dearest to remain quiet. That is, Dear Ones; we asked our dearest to remain tight lipped in many situations where once she offered advice. A simple statement, Dear Hearts:

How can we know the inner workings of those near and dear if we constantly put words into their mouths? We cannot. No, Dear Ones; those near and dear to us, should they be Light Workers of the Negative, will remain in control should we fall into the trap of offering ourselves for sacrifice.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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    1. As are we, Dear Heart, offering the same understandings our dearest has received of late. Won’t you join with us in allowing the truth to infiltrate the confusion. When this is done, Dear One, there will be a freedom not know before; a freedom from control.
      Our blessings, Dear Heart

        1. We shall, with your approval, Dear Heart, create a ‘post formatted answer’ to help all who may be interested. Our dearest has been consciously working upon this aspect of her life with her Dear One, Keith, for some time. To answer your question will require a post of great magnitude.
          Therefore, Dear Heart, we shall begin, at the beginning, and work forward in small increments.
          Do we have your permission, Dear One, to place your question upon our Ask a Question page?

          1. Yes, I give you permission to put my questions on the “Ask a Question” page.
            Looking forward to reading more.
            New Zealand in the last couple of days is starting to feel like Spring may have arrived. A happy contented feeling. Hope it feels the same in your place, we have had too much rain this year.

            1. Dear Heart we applaud you. Our dearest wishes to advise of her heart felt thanks. Her aim is to have all Light Workers of the Light be armed with the information that is creating forward movement within her life.
              Many Blessings, Dear One
              Yes, Thank You, Elsie; it will be such a pleasure to have The C.C. assist us in this way.
              (Spring is definitely here and is wonderful, though, we haven’t had very much rain here at all. But, yes; it is a deeply contented feeling with all the new growth and warmer weather.) Much Love…

  1. Interesting! I seem to be in a similar way, in that, I have stopped falling (not always, but a lot) into the sacrificial lamb trap. Although they (negative light workers) may not be the “sharpest tool in the box” they present many points, points that can frustrate and nurture fear in the form of anger.
    I hope I have made sense.

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